“This is the guy’s statement.,Do you trust him so??”Know the law:“do not forget,He fell into the quantum,I don’t know which world blister is coming.。”

“This don’t worry about it.,Han Rong has sufficient experience to deal with the situation of the quantum。”
“Then you know your spirit is broken.?”Know the law:“Incense,Shenzhou mainland many murderous beasts,It was attacked by the seven small babers.,You have used it too many feather dust,I have consumed http://www.jinmawl.cn too much spiritual power,If I die,You have to die with you。”
“Cracking consciousness is still watching this body,With your current state,Can you resist the erosion of collapse?,Can you withstand your rights??”
Way:“I all know this,So please live with my arm。”
“No-door!”It is particularly happy to know the law.,“You are stupid.,Let me help you?Sharing a body with you?”
“Now you have won,I lost,You are inquira,but me……Nothing。”
“goodbye……Do not,Never see,I’m leaving,No one now stops me!”
“where are you going,If there is no body,You will not resist the erosion of collapse,Complete dissipation。”
“I don’t know where to go.,Negative,As for the damage of the collapse,I will try my best to resist。”
“I lost this time.,I will pray, I will encounter me.,I am holding awareness of awareness.,Next meeting,Who http://www.hunterconstrong.cn will lose anything else?!”
Fu Huayi,Want to say,Finally, I still say:“Leave it.,I need your help,without you……I,May not work。”
“what……Disgusting,You will actually say this.?”
Knowing the law to the arm,It seems like a chicken skin。
“My mental breaks are weak,Unable to play this strength,So I need your help,In order to be able to resist a larger resistance to collapse。”
“Humph!”Knowing the law:“Then ask me.?”
“please,Leave it to help me。”
The law is motivated,She is eager to become the Fuhua,But everything is very ridiculous in front of the real Fuhua。
She is born in the consciousness of the body of Fuhua,The impact of the memory of Fuhua,Even if I can’t make a good Hua,I also want to get her recognition.。
The law of now knowing is recognized by Fuhua.,If the law is the case, I don’t know what to say.。
“I……”Knowing the law of the arms,“See your good attitude,Then I am hard to stay.。”
“but,You have to remember,I am not helping you.,But because there is no body,Erosion in the face of collapse will be very difficult,I am leaning by,use,right,I am using you.。”
“Um,I know,I will also be careful to protect you.。”Fuhua is very sincere。
Both silent a few seconds,Know the law:“Don’t you worry about that guy??”
Francisco:“It seems that there is nothing that he can’t do it.。”
“I still remember the first time I met.,He is a little fart that he is unbearable.,Actually, I lived from a small collapse.,You don’t know that he still chased the dead behind him.。”
“later,Otto prepares to catch Qi Yana to experiment,At that time, he was still very weak.,Can you leave Qi Yan under the hand of Qi Lai。”
“Can destroy Otto’s plan,Ability to catch up with me within three years,The miracle is always in him.,So I believe he can come back.。”
“If not。”Fuhua holding a fist,“He is a feather dust around him,I will go find him.。”
Chapter 576 Rough
“Now the first emperor,New emperor,Time of the world,The empire is now in this way。”