“Do you want me to thank you?,Uncleus?”Li Mozhen white eyes。

“Allocation、Allocation。”Chu Deirers look very well,Said:“It’s not your teacher.,Another grandfather,When did I let her call a teacher??”
kindness,I don’t know if I don’t know.,One sentence is not a sentence!
Wang Zhongyang silently saw the Chu Shiyi,Not much to say,Anyway, their Master is just a symbolic“Donghua Emperor”,Some of Master is not,What’s more, this brother is not reliable.!
For the brother, it is not reliable.,Wang Zhongyang has adapted,Good to do things or reliable,Saving yourself from Zhao ignorant。
Chu Deirers look around,Afterward:“My little master?”
Wang Chongyang:!!!
Where is the little master??
I really can’t fit.!
“Lausin sister went to pick up the medicine,It is said that the poison in the teacher is still to go root.。”Li Mozhen white eyes。
Suddenly Li Mozhen thinks what,Looked a long-awaited dragon teacher,Pull the Chu Deirers:“Make the man of the teacher and the teacher,Single talking separately,Our young people don’t want to see it.……”
Said, holding a hand holding the brach of Chu,Take a master in one hand,Go inside。
I heard Li Mozhen’s yin and yang strange.“Man of the teacher”,Lin Chao Ying is just a face,Didn’t do anything。
“Our exterior,How long does I haven’t returned to ancient tomb??Remember how many ramps go??”Li Mozhen’s intentional ironic。
“do not remember……Sun Korean also never let me see,This is not to remember,It is I don’t know.。”Chu Deee。
“Hey,Unfortunately wrapped in something that is troublesome,Otherwise, I originally wanted to take the teacher to walk around.,Maybe you can see you in Nan Shaolin。”Li Mozhen stressed。
I originally don’t talk,Don’t change your expression、Dragon girl who does not give it,Watching breathing is slightly promoted,I am busy:“The teacher said wrong.!I am not saying,Will you leave ancient tomb??”
“What can’t be left?When you are in the last time you and the teacher’s sister walked into the magic,He is also a danger of life.?”Li Mozhen refuted a sentence。
“Not、Not,I have a profile in my heart.。”Chu Deman shakes his head。
Li Mozhen glanced at him,Then there were several organs.,Chu Deiren asked subtle:“Is this the way to go to the cold jade bed??”
“Bother,Don’t you remember??Remember to go to bed,Is there any unforgettable thing??”Li Mo smiled and asked。
The little dragon girl can’t stand,I want to zoom back from the sister here.:“I will not go.。”
Li Mozhen heard his eyes:“You don’t want to go?You but your head,We have a few worth of money.,Lost cold bed,Your head is hard to blame!”
The little dragon girl was reprimanded by Li Mozhen all the way.,It seems to be a little pitiful,However, the surface is not moving,Still Chu Chuqing cold,not see“pitful”。
Chu Deirers are heard——The cold jade bed is lost.?So, you can lose?
Some people can lift so big in the tomb.,Not being found?
When I approach the practice of the practice of the cold jade bed,Chu Deirers looked at someone——cold!
Open Shimen,Surrounding temperature plummeted……
Contact before the millennial mysterious ice melting,The skeptic before the Chu Deiren is afraid of being yes.,Cold jade bed in ancient tomb,Essentially Xuan Bing!
After the weather is opened,Xuan Bei began to melt,After opening the third,Millennium, the millennium, the millennium, has already supported。
Well-known,Snow is not cooled,When this millennium is not melting,Sufficient sustainable,Can be used as refrigeration,After the melting,I started a sharp breathable,Now the cold jade bed is not suitable for cultivation《Jade》。
“You are not a self-knowledge?Let’s take a look.!It is the cold jade bed when the last dragon sister and the teacher.,I don’t know how to get,Recently Icy is abnormal,Volume seems to be reduced……You should still remember it.?”
“Sister!”Xiaolong women can’t help but stop one sentence。
“kindness,I didn’t so cold at the time.。”Chu Deirers also feel weird,How did Li Mozhen spends this?It’s not jealous.?
I don’t wait for him more……
“what?”Chu Deirers’ ideas were interrupted,exactly,It is attracted by the cold jade bed。
Small red coming in,At this time“Bustard”Twice,It seems to be angry in bed for two weeks……
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Chapter 872 Head of the head