more importantly,What is Nan Muro’s just said??

Not the identity of yellow word!
Combined this Murong Gong’s temperament,Cao Zhengzhen also heard the sound of strings。
Therefore, Cao Zhengqi has no sword.,Instead, and the sound of the words and Murong Jiuhan。
Murong Jiu saw the atmosphere,Alias:“Zhao ignorant,This matter is not only draging、Forced Fuyang,And there are more people who want to be enemy.!I didn’t agree with him at the time.,But this person is just useful,Fortunately, I at the time,On behalf of him, Guo Zhaoxia destroys the deadline……hehe。”
Murongjiu’s tone,And Cao Zhengzhen heard the words.——Rate……Guo Qiao is still alive?
This is true,Then I can really do the big power of the fixed, Yangyang.,I want to go to the world when I arrive.、Sitting that nine thousand years old is also more!
Cao Zhengyu is hot——Other generals can use them in Linan’s family、There is also a sin, who is found by the Relong Villa.,It can be said to Song Ting now,The most troublesome is Fuyang……
But Murongjiu is only a point until,There is also where to mention Guo Jumin,I don’t even know that Guo Zhao is still alive.。
So Cao Zhengzhen also said that he said with meat.:“Murong County Ma fruit, a table,Waiting to the rest of the ruling mountain village clean,The court still can’t leave the dragon mountain,Murong County is another royal family,I see if I can’t detect energy.‘Roller’,Remaining the dragon mountain,That’s better.!”
Cao Zhengyu has not mentioned“Murong”,Changed calls。
“Cao Douln is known,If you can really,I don’t have to mention the Officer of Cao Dogu……”
Murongjiu and Cao Zhengzhen。
At this time, Murong is not bad.——Zhao ignorant,Is dangerous is also an opportunity,Yourself……Can make the choice to grasp the opportunity!
Murongjiu thought about the words of the Chu Deiren——Humph,Be sure to see him,How is your own choice?……
Chapter 972 Subject matter
Chu Deirers heard that after Lin’an happened,The first reaction is to rush to go……
Zhao ignorant this old monkey,It is definitely in playing!
On the one hand, it is delayed time,On the other hand“Tiger”——Cao Zhengzhen’s hand,First destroy some difficult bones,And make the emperor and group,Thoroughly no longer trust East Factory。
As long as Zhao ignores thoroughly digested the gold wheel,Absolutely sucking Cao Zhengyu,Breaking the binding is getting closer and closer!
more importantly,Chu Deirers are still worried about Murongjiu——Learn from Chu Deirers,Murongjiu is now being chased and falling……
Take advantage of Zhao ignorant this wave of self-contamination,Teach him directly in the dead prison,Be late!
Although Zhao ignored it, there is also a general arrangement.,Otherwise it is impossible to get old and old,The old monkey on the surface has anaphed,But I went to Lin’an.,It is definitely still Long Tang Tiger——This is prepared by Chu Deirers.。
Chu Deirers first on their strength,It is also very confident.。
Practified into a new version“Three points return”Later,Chu Deiren“Mechanism”,It has reached the limit of 天!
Not only the threshold、But the limit,And is“叩 天 do”Limit,Means of,In fact, Chu deer“Heart、gas、Trend”Three,It has reached the environment of Tianmen。
Because the corresponding Tianmen has been opened,So it’s easier to break through。
and“body”and“Technique”both,Also already in the edge of 叩 天,Maybe there is any more comprehension,I can open the door yourself.,Even if there is nothing to enter,However, as long as there is any other person to open the door,Chu Deirers also will certainly go in……
As a result,Pure yourself to open the masters of Tianmen,Chu Deirers can’t say that they can get stable,But Zhao ignored before the eight pole,Never own opponents!
This is also the Chu Dee dare to explore the tiger points.、Get the bottom of the tiger……
However, there is another thing that the Urban is talking about.,The Chu Deirers gave up the idea of going to Lin’an。
Transferring flower palace!
Rivers and lake rumors,Flower is not missing by the two stars,Catch the Turtle Mountain,Shouting, inviting the moon and pity, March 15 to go to Turtle Mountain。
This is the rumor of the rivers and lakes,And actually is aware of the gap.——Not only can’t be caught,Even the little fish and iron-heartlan that have nothing together at the time and the flowers were also caught.!
As a result,Don’t say it is a Chu Deirers.,The iron war is also anxious.……
Chu Deirers have finally understood,Why after landing,Only didn’t see the disciple of the floccorn palace,It seems that it is already busy。
And this Turtle Mountain,Not the north of Fuyang、Turtle mountains from Wudang,But the northwestern plug,A ridiculous mountain near the Western Region。
Otherwise, if it is true near Wudang,Zhang Zhen people have long been except this mouse……