Looking at the excited three people,Chen Geng smiled slightly,Threw out his own assassin:“Oh,correct,Considering such a huge capacity nationwide,I hope you can delineate an area、Provide corresponding supporting measures and preferential policies to build an automobile industrial park,I will take advantage of my being in America、Relations and connections in Europe,Invitation to include PhD、Denso、Auto industry supporting manufacturers including mainland and other top auto parts giants settled in this industrial park……”

An instant,Jia Yumin、The bosses of Li Changzheng and Secretary Jiang’s eyes are staring:what?And build an automobile industry park?!God,What a good day is today,How come we run into all the good things?
Li Changzheng、The reactions of Jia Yumin and Secretary Jiang were caught by Chen Geng.,He smiled and said:“Relying on China’s huge labor cost advantage,Auto parts produced by these top international auto parts companies,Not only can be provided to domestic vehicle manufacturers,Can also be sold back to Europe and America,Create a lot of foreign exchange income for China……”
Chen Geng’s words,Like one nuclear bomb after another,Continuously in Jia Yumin、Li Changzheng and Secretary Jiang’s minds blasted:
Automobile Industry Park……
Attract Bosch、Denso、The world’s top auto parts giants such as mainland China settled in……
Provide supporting facilities for domestic auto companies……
Parts exported to Europe and America,Earn foreign exchange for the country……
Whether it is attracting world-class industry giants to settle in,Still earn foreign exchange、Provide the world’s top spare parts products for the domestic automobile industry……Either one is not something that the capital city can refuse,Be straightforward,If this automobile industry park can really attract so many world’s top industry giants to settle in,Doesn’t it mean that the capital’s investment promotion work is very effective??
What is this for officials?
This is a proper achievement!
Not to mention that this automobile industry park is at the foot of the emperor,If you really made achievements,It can even be used as a window for Huaxia’s external publicity,There is much political significance in this?
For a time,Li Changzheng、Jia Yumin and Secretary Jiang’s eyes are red,All three people have the same idea:No matter how difficult it is,This project must be completed!
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