“My current assets are for you,Definitely nothing,But I have some industries that no one else has,Great prospects for future development!”

Li Qiankun’s eyes are unusually deep:“I will let Annie and Yanni follow you,Have my shelter,This matter will not be criticized!”
“Annie and Yanni are both living people,Not something,I think you are not qualified to arrange their future even though you are a father。”
I checked the time:“Now give you two choices,One option is to leave China and live overseas,I didn’t fix it。Another option is to send you to prison,I’m afraid you were at least 70 or 80 years old when you came out!”
“Annie and Yanni are now locked in a place no one knows,There is no food and water,They are all tied up。”
Li Qiankun posted a video,After connecting, I saw that Annie and Yanni were indeed tied up.,Stay in a room!
Video off。
Li Qiankun looked at me very calmly:“It doesn’t matter whether you sent me to prison,As long as you withdraw the lawsuit, I can go to jail!”
I found out that he is a lunatic!
Exchange her daughter’s life for the freedom of rubbish,Only his neurosis can do it。
I have no choice,He doesn’t even take his own life seriously,This is not enough to be a threat。
“it is good,I agree to your request。”
I can’t take this risk,Li Qiankun is not an ordinary person。