Concentrateing spiritual strength to build a peak

This year’s National Day, telling the film "Changjin Lake" of the story of the anti-US aid, but not only has received the extensive commentary of the audience, but also the first place in China’s mobile phone box office. In addition to "Changjin Lake", in recent years, "the Wolf 2" "Which Wolf 2", "Wandering Earth", etc., a batch of themes, and the good domestic film has achieved reputation and box office double harvest. Being a bright landscape on a big screen.

Art is the angle of the times forward, and can represent the style of an era, and can lead to an era of atmosphere.

The domestic film box office has been innovating high, and it is a vivid foot of the prosperity and development of my country’s literary business.

Since the tenth national cultural meeting, the ninth national work conference, the majority of literary and art workers have been striving to participate in the socialist literary and artistic cause, and they are full of enthusiasm to tell Chinese stories. Incentive Chinese people and the Chinese nation provide a powerful spiritual power.

Baihuaqi released the spring: 砥 精品 创品 艺 高 The peak has a era of literature, one era has a era spirit.

Any era classic literary work is the portrayal of the social life and spirit of the era, which has the branding and characteristics of that era. In 2016, General Secretary Xi Jinping was emphasized when the opening ceremony of the Chinese Wen Fa, and the opening ceremony of China. The majority of literary workers should put the creation of excellent works as the central link, and continuously promote literary and innovation, improve the quality of literary creation, and efforts. Create a cultural masterpiece for the people to contribute immortal works for humans.

Over the past 5 years, the majority of literary and art workers have worked hard, and they launched a group of ideas, exquisite art exquisite, excellent works, highlighting the Chinese nation, and new cultural vitality.

"Explosion" in the film and television field On the big screen, "I and my motherland" "Changjin Lake" and other main melody movies got the box office reputation double harvest; "Wandering Earth" fills the gap in China’s "harden magic" movie; "Where to win the world" witness national Technical’s long progress and traditional classic eternal charm.

In the small screen, the excellent episodes such as "Dajiang Dahe" "Shan Hai" "" Awakening New Year "should be connected, or the history, or reflect the society, or describe the people, play the strong sound in the era between the light and shadow. Literary creation is fruitful.

The majority of writers focus on wisdom, talent, passion, beliefs and hard work, deeply condensed and sing the majestic mountain river, broad cultural and colorful storms.

"People", "The Trick" "The Main Corner" "The Protagon", the Tenth Mao Dun Literature Award, reflected the outstanding achievements of Chinese literature in the new era. The stage art is thriving. Over the past five years, the dance drama "The electric waves of the disappearance", the drama "Three Bays, that night", the national opera "Yimeng Mountain", etc., is well called the story of the revolutionary story, the redness of the hero’s character is endless.

Excellent works continue to emerge, and also promote the prosperity of the performance market.

From 2016 to 2019, the domestic art performance group annual performance site increased from 2.96 million games, and the domestic audience increased from 100 million to 100 million.

It is, but the air is angry.

In the past five years, the prosperity of Chinese literary fluorescence came. When the high-rise building is in the land of my country, the Chinese national spirit should also be tower. On the key nodes of the history of the "two hundred years" struggle, literary workers concatenate together, through the creation excellent work, promote the new style of the era, highlight the national spirit, the time, for the time, for the time Middle Morality. For the source of live water: adhere to the people’s supreme inspiration, "Mannei Hua and Germany" is the intimate title of the Nong Mu, Mu, Mu. Since 1957, there are 75 Ulalamus rides in Inner Mongolia, and more than 3,500 players are active in the vast grassland. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that everything is ambition, and the literary and art workers who have pursued it should follow the people’s footsteps, go out of the sky, read the world, let your heart will always be jumped with the people’s heart.

The people need art, art more people need people. Ulan Mushe Art Practice tells us that there is only "grounding" to have an art foundation.

Over the past 5 years, the majority of cultural literary workers have kept in mind that the general secretary of Spirit, is more distinct, "in-depth life, and the people" in the literary industry. Listening to the world in the middle of the people, use the lens to record the age, this is the firm belief of Chinese photographers. In April this year, "Field – Deep Breathing of Poverty" is open in China National Museum. The majority of photographers go deep into the poverty, the people, the people, and the creative creation, and the lens is the main army of the leadership of the poor and the main army, record the great innovation in the history of human beings. Only from the people’s practice and life, they can fully feel the pulse of the development of the times, master the development of the era, can create great works reflecting the law of social development.

Holding tools, holding the builders of the drawings, warriors being salted … The theme sculpture "Weiye" in the Chinese Communist History Exhibition Hall, including 65 people, covering different groups, different occupations, highlighting the new era .

The characters in all walks of life have expressed its heroism of "the" Sea Horizontal Flow "and Wan Shan Pounds.

"’Is the statue of the people," "Weiye" is the theme of "Weiye", and the Vice Chairman of the Chinese Academy of America, "We are to use realism’s creation techniques and romantic feelings." Take a real life, let people see the beautiful, see hope, see dreams in front. "Standing in the new historical starting point, showing the enthusiasm of the people, motivating the people of all ethnic groups in the country should become a literary creation The main melody.

The majority of literary workers must produce the outstanding works of the people who are happy with the people ‘s "spiritual and cultural life to make people’s spiritual cultural life to make a new level of the people.

Stranging the clouds of the cloud: firm culture is confident in the Chinese story Northeast folk song "Cradle", Shandong Folk Song "Bao Yan" Vice-President Lei Jia sang six nations, 9 languages ??or dialects, 15 kinds of songs in the national folk song concert of "Source Growing Growth Root Tour". "We are very awesome for national music." In recent years, Lei Jia will turn into the motherland, and we will deeply take the wind in the world, and go deep into the masses. Confidence is a more basic, broader, more and more confident, is more basic, deeper, more durable. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that "the creation of excellent works with distinctive national characteristics and individuality must have a deep understanding of the profound Chinese culture, but also highly cultural confidence.

"In December 2019, the first batch of results issued by the Chinese folk literary department publishing project in China’s Folk Literary and Art Association, involving 12 doors such as myth, epic, folklore, folk story, folk songs, together Nearly 400 experts, scholars and staff of the staff.

"The ‘Daquan Publishing Project is important value and long-term significance in the Chinese stories, promoting Chinese spirit, service creative transformation, innovation," said Pan Luo, China Folk Literary and Artists Association.

Chinese culture is both history and contemporary, both national and world. Literary workers must create more reflecting the essence of Chinese culture, reflecting the aesthetic pursuit of Chinese people, spreading contemporary Chinese value concepts, and in line with the world’s progress, letting our country have a distinct Chinese characteristic, Chinese style, and Chinese style . In recent years, network literature has been a cultural phenomenon, and the highlights of the Chinese culture have taken out.

Data show that online literature is more than 10,000 works over overseas, and there are more than 100 million websites subscribe to the website. According to the online novel adaptation of the film and television drama "琊" "Happy", "all good", etc., popular in Japan and Southeast Asia. The majority of online writers have said that students must enhance international vision in this great era, strengthen the ideal beliefs, highlight cultural confidence, inherit the spirit of Chinese aesthetics, and continue to be the Chinese proficiency. The text is dyed, and it is very stressed.

Today, China is more close to any period in history, more confident and abilities to achieve the great revival of the Chinese nation. Standing in the "two hundred years" struggle, the key node of the history of the history of the goal, the eleventh national literary meeting, the tenth national work meeting, and the majority of literary and art workers should keep in mind the initial and mission, with the era, People’s heart, with more good work to meet the people’s new expectations for the beautiful life, contribute more for building socialist cultural powers.

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