Carry forward the spirit of scientists: Which one choice allows this 80 after "sulfur" to remember?

After the Ph.D., the Shanghai Academy of Search, the Ph.D. of the School of Organic Institute, and then the professor of the East China Normal University, how to choose Jiang Xuefeng standing in the bifunquent intersection of life? Why choose sulfur as the key direction of research and research, how is it becoming a young scientist? Choosing a professional, "Scientist is my dream" in 1980, Jiang Xuefeng was born in Lanzhou, Gansu, and Grandpa is followed by the national "one five" period, Lanhua key project, supporting the northwest to Lanzhou, parents are in Xigu District Engaged in work related to chemical development.

He has grown on such a "chemical chemical" environment in such a small ear, and has grown up in such a factory mine school, and a chemical seed is buried from the small heart.

"Fireworks, why do you have different colors?" "What is the sunny?"

In high school, he truly exposed the magical phenomenon and interpretable reaction mechanism involved in chemistry and chemical reactions, and molecular conversion can form new substances, which made him very fascinated. At that time he identified the goal of learning chemistry. In 1999, Jiang Xuefeng took the Department of Chemistry, Northwestern University, and the teacher of Northwestern University attaches great importance to the study and training of students’ theory knowledge. The undergraduate four years, Jiang Xuefeng’s total score is first.

In 2008, Dr. Jiang Xuefeng graduated, he chose his postdoctoral studies in Scripps, California.

As a researcher, it is inevitable that the failure of the test, Jiang Xuefeng said, sometimes it feels back to the origin. However, he explained that cognition is a spiral rising. Every time I feel that I have returned to the origin. Every high height will be different, and I will enter the next round of thinking, waiting for the development of the turning point.

The first choice returned to China, "only returning to the country can do it" 2011 spring, Jiang Xuefeng chooses to return from the United States to Shanghai.

He said: "There will be a lot of bifurcation on life, may stay in the United States is also very comfortable, often drive two children to look at the scenery, live in big houses by the sea.

But I will think, what is my initial heart? "In foreign countries, I am old think of my parents. I speak Chinese. It is a person who is this nation. This is never changed in the blood. I feel comfortable in the United States. I always feel that my heart is floating. I feel that is not me. The place.

"Think about the initial heart of your career choice, I want to enter a company to have a high salary, comfortable and stable life, or the initial dreams, to climb, to fail, go to the scientific setbacks, Experience the brilliance of scientific discovery? "Jiang Xuefeng often asked his own initial heart, saying:" So, return home is my first choice. At that time, when we returned to China, the development of the entire country was thriving, this kind of hard work and atmosphere, let people feel that only returning to China can truly do things. "Water giving high salary," This is a struggle process "After returning to China, standing in the budget of life, choose to do science or go to the company? Enterprise temptation is very large, the annual salary is 500,000, because there are overseas experiences There are also a lot of money in the same age, and he chooses to be scientific research. It is far from the enterprise. He takes family and two children. But he believes Shanghai Tianhai has a broad stage, must have a broad stage of his scientific research.

"It will not be very uncomfortable at that time?" Jiang Xuefeng said: "In this office, from 2011 to 2015, the first 4 years ago, I will stay in the beginning of the year, I will stay in the office, I will stay in the office. Because I think of it, this is a struggle process. "I don’t understand it when my parents are in the initial period. I am sigh:" The child is learning well, is it not very good, learn the final, even the New Year can not accompany us at home .

"The students in the group know a process of us such a process, in fact, we are also passing to them in a subtlety.

They all know that Jiang Teacher is a hard work. Sometimes you don’t have to ask students because you are educating others, the best way of education is the body. As a professor of the Department of Chemistry, East China Normal University, the school provides a scientific research for Jiang Xuefeng. He now has many academic titles, mainly engaged in the new method to guide complex physiological activity natural products full synthetic research, and is committed to developing green, environmentally friendly and sustainable The sulfur chemical study uses "from the inorganic sulfur to the organic sulfur" transformation concept, and constructs internationally recognized 3s (Smelness / Stable / Sustainable) green sulfur synthesis chemistry.