Connected Changzhou is a courier is also a volunteer sealing area. He received a flowers.

  On November 16th, Yucheng Community, Huntang Town, Wujin District, Changzhou City still lights, and many people are looking forward to it.

  "5, 4, 3, 2, 1, unsector!" With the neat countdown, the cell door is slowly opened, and the residents of the next two weeks are finally welcomed. At the time of November 17, Jiuzhou New World Flower Court Jiun, Jiuzhou, Lanling Street, Tianning District, Changzhou City, Ningnang Lanling Street Workers, New Village, Huangtang, Wujin District, adjusted to low-risk areas by China-risk regions. Synchronize the existing sealing area, control area, and prevention zone epidemic control measures, Changzhou’s domain reopen low-risk areas. At the same time, the express delivery of Zhang Jijiang also ended his 14-day epidemic prevention volunteers, took the flowers sent by the residents of the Yusheng Community, and he was excited.

  Previously, Zhang Yubi was always wearing protective clothing at work. Now, the residents finally see him, pulling him together.

  On the evening of November 2, Zhang Qijiang was trapped in a sealing community in the "95" express tambourine.

  When it comes, he actively joined the community volunteer team to transport an epidemic prevention material to the residents.

  After the residents of the community, after the situation, he took the initiative to borrow his vacant houses to temporarily live, and prepared a good life supplies.

  When the last transport mission is completed, when he is about to leave the cell, Zhang Yajiang inner five flavors: "We are strangers, but through 14 days, the feelings are emotional, it is really unhappy." He said, When you are volunteering, each of the residents thanks to him is affirmative and encouragement, this is an unforgettable life experience. Dawning gradually, experienced 14-day home isolation of the Royal City community to restore normal life order, but the volunteers’ work has not been completely over.

Zhang Yubei said that he will do a good job of work, a complete period of this unforgettable memories.

(Jiang Tianyi).