2021 Xianfu Fengchao Festival and "Mao Mountain Gift" travel Hui Fighting start

The picture shows the tourists experience the "Fengshang Garden" event.

The Mao Chao will be a "Feng Ying Garden" at the scene of the event. The Wheelcome Garden will be lively, the wheelbarrow is brought, the strand is picking up, the scarecrow picks, the loop is blended with the agricultural experience and the garden tour of the farming culture and rural tourism. The enthusiasm of the live tourists.

"With the child, experience farming, experience farming, contact the most beautiful nature, enter the field, to participate in the life of local farmers, let them understand nature, understand the farming culture, to the city grow up to the city One lesson, I believe that this will be great to the growth of the child. "Mr. Zhang from Nanjing sighed. In the city of Xianfu, it brings together all kinds of specialty agricultural products, organic rice, special sauce, Xiangu salty pig hand, Mao Mountain, wild mountain mushroom … The product is very characterful of agricultural and sideline products to become the eyes of tourists. "Sweet", they have stopped to taste or consult and buy, and they must not bring the entire market to go home.