Pre-warming preparation in Lanzhou City

Original title: Pre-warming preparation in our city is in order to carry out 2021 to 2022 heating period is coming, in order to ensure that this winter’s spring is stable, let the public spend a warm winter, the preparations before the heating of Lanzhou is in orderconduct.Lanzhou Heat Group Co., Ltd. said the person in charge of Lanzhou City’s largest professional heating company said that after summer tight maintenance, all equipment has entered normal operation, facilities, personnel, and materials, etc. are also all ready.

The relevant person in charge of the city heating service center said that in response to the potential energy shortage and extreme cold weather in this winter, they have further refined work on the basis of the city’s heating and safeguard program, respectively, and has established energy shortages, severe cold weather and major sessions.Warm security plan during the period.

In case of extreme weather, will hear in advance under the unified deployment of the municipal government.

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