The look of this grandson,Really funny。Make Ali smile secretly covering her mouth。In order to give Luo a step down, Xia Jian,He hurriedly smiled and said:“Really mean,Came back a bit late,Make everyone hungry,Sit down and eat!”

Xia Jian moved his hand as he spoke。He moved the vinegar to Grandma Luo first,Unexpectedly, Grandma Luo said immediately:“I feel sour if I’m not jealous”
“what!What’s going on grandma?Do you have an upset stomach?”Xia Jian quickly asked。
Grandma Luo glanced obliquely at Luo Yi said:“Someone ate the vinegar all morning,I was almost killed,Can you say it’s sour?”This old lady,Don’t look at her old,Speak this,But very humorous。
Xia Jian smiled,I quickly brought a bowl of fried noodles,Vinegar and chili,Ate it。Although it’s not very authentic,But Ali can make it like this,It’s already very difficult。
Nalanyu’s food is very rich,Xia Jian ate too much without holding back。Now it’s his favorite noodle again,It’s really hard for his stomach。
Ate a bowl,Xia Jian still wants to eat,But the stomach won’t agree。Xia Jian had to do it,Ran back to the kitchen with the bowl。
Ali in the kitchen asked quietly:“Mr. Xia!Is it because I didn’t make it delicious?”
“Very tasty,Stay for me to eat at night。When I just came back,Have eaten a lot,If you continue to eat,This stomach will explode”Xia Jian made a face while talking。Ali heard what Xia Jian said,She nodded happily。
Out of the kitchen,Grandma Luo’s bowl of noodles has been eaten,She wiped her mouth,Smiled and said to Xia Jian:“You help me back to my room,I sleep”
“Will you sit for a while?Sleeping after eating is bad for the stomach”Luo Yi whispered。
Grandma Luo snorted coldly:“Why am i sitting here?I should get in the eyes of others for a while”Grandma Luo is joking,Supported by Xia Jian,Step by step back to my bedroom。
Back to the room,Grandma Luo didn’t rush to bed,But to sit on her large recliner,Then whispered to Xia Jian:“As soon as you left this morning,Luo Yi is looking for something wrong at home like a monster。Tell me,Who did you go to see a doctor?Is it a woman?”
“Is not,Is a retired veteran cadre,Sixty or seventy old man!When I took my friend to the hospital last time,The dean of which hospital left me,This one stayed,I caused myself a problem”Xia Jian said vaguely。
Grandma Luo smiled and said:“Can relieve the patient’s pain,This is your practice for yourself。Don’t say what the trouble is。I want to make trouble like this,But others don’t give me this chance。Because i can’t,And you do”