This is a messenger from Yuchen City, one of the eight holy cities,An indifferent female Taoist also slightly arched her hands。

Baiye Daojun is born proud and domineering,Naturally look down on Yuanyu Daojun。but,Behind today’s Yuanyu Daoist is that pinnacle Daoist,She didn’t dare to underestimate。
The messenger from Yuchen Holy City came the fastest,The reason is because Yuchen City is the closest to Tianqiongzong。
The relationship between Yuchen City and Tianqiongzong,Somewhat similar to Chisang Temple to Thousand Sage Sect。
The area where Tianqiongzong is located,It’s within the territory of Yuchen City。
The ancestor of Tianqiong,Is the founder and suzerain of Tianqiong Sect,It is also one of the emperors of Yuchen Holy City。
strictly speaking,Yuchen Holy City and Tianqiongzong have some ruling relations with each other,It can even be said that Tianqiong Sect is a branch of Yuchen Holy City。
But as the ancestor of Tianqiong leaves the endless chaos,Tianqiongzong is naturally not qualified to be a branch of Yuchen Holy City,And it slowly became a territory,The more ordinary Taoist-level forces!
But Baiye Daojun waited five more days,Four more messengers even arrived at Tianqiongzong。
Five messengers,The three are messengers from the three holy cities in the Dao League,They are the Linghe Daojun from Tianmu City、Dao Monarch Hao Xuan in Qingyun City,And the louver。
These three,Baiye Daojun is the top Daojun,And the other two belong to the powerful Daojun with some special methods。
But the other three messengers,They are the time and space palace lord from Mangya country‘Yun Xiao Daojun’,And two messengers from the Immortal Palace of the Dao League。
These two messengers,A Daomeng Xiangong often shows up‘Daojun Yanlin’,And the other is not well known,Few people have heard of‘Xiaomeng Taoist’。
“Fellow daoists,Newly promoted to the pinnacle of Taoist,Take some time to consolidate the state,I’m neglecting everyone。”
“Brother Ming Dao’s new four steps,Become the pinnacle of the Taoist in the endless realm,Consolidating strength is naturally the most important。”Daojun Yanlin is a fat man with red beard,On strength can only be regarded as a relatively ordinary edge of harmony,But backed by Daomeng Palace,Make friends with all the lords,Also very sleek。
“Brother Ming Dao has repelled the King of Birds before he stabilized!Make people admire!”A trace of reverence flashed in the eyes of Lord Linghe。
she was,And hate the eternal race。
Yun Xiao Daojun、Daojun Hao Xuan,Daojun Baiye all agreed,Greeting Li Ming,It’s a gift to make friends。
Only Xiaomeng Daojun didn’t say a word,Look at Li Ming with indifferent eyes。
Six Taoists,Represents the five forces,The treasures given to Li Ming cannot be too valuable。