Everyone has felt it,These two people may also quarrel。

“You also know that I am not alone?In this situation,Some things are still unclear,A big company suddenly wants to invest in our side,What do you think,This is what we need to give?”
You didn’t understand this clearly,You come to me first,Is such a thing appropriate?
Qin Feng was directly ignited,His voice is also a bit sharp。
Lin Xixi has always been a person who eats soft but not hard,Especially when I thought of sending it to Qin Feng before,As a result, Qin Feng was unwilling to take action,Her mood is even worse。
Yunxiang also realized,This time things are going bad,He wants to dissuade。
Just fucking,How can I dissuade this matter??Everyone understands,There is no way to persuade these things。
After all, many things can be seen。
Qin Feng is using this question,I just thought that Qin Feng might be interrupting,In this situation,He also understands。
Many people are watching the gossip here。
Because they have also realized,What story might Qin Feng and Lin Qianqian have??
“I bother,Don’t think of me as a woman like you,Do you think someone like me will do things that don’t have a brain?All right,What does that guy want to do,Tell me if you understand it clearly。”
Qin Feng also turned around and walked into the room,Then he slammed the door shut。
What does this mean,That’s also obvious。
That’s why Qin Feng is very upset,So why is he reluctant to continue participating in such things。
Lin Qianqian was also angry and walked directly outside,She yelled when she left:“I’m furious,You bastard,Don’t expect me to pay attention to you in the future,what’s the matter,Play slowly by yourself。”