Although the first possible probability is not low,But there is a premise that the three companies must first negotiate,Decide to go forward and retreat in unison,But according to my own understanding,There is no blood relationship between the bosses of these three companies,2. There is no interest,It’s almost the same if there is conflict of interest,Can agree on this matter?Possibility is too low;

Second point,Seems to make sense,But Fernandez has only entered this industry.2Months,How could someone in a situation where they could not hear the wind,Open up the relationship between three scrapped car dismantling companies at once?Not very reliable;
Count to count,Only the third one is the most likely,Don’t say that the non-my race must have different hearts,Just say a little,Caibo is touching,In front of interests,The foreign devils don’t care how much kindness you have to him,Everything is profit first,Besides, in Chen Geng’s opinion,Anderson may not be really grateful to himself,Maybe he didn’t have any ideas at the beginning,But as time goes by,I found myself busy all day long,Can only take a fraction,Fernandez took most of the income,He can be happy?
Maybe I thought too much,But instead of believing in the hearts of foreign devils,Chen Geng thinks his compatriots are more credible,Anyway……Three generations,Chen Geng has never seen a foreign devil in a shopping mall who would be grateful to his boss.,I saw a lot in some crude embryos,Maybe in capitalist countries too“Every more dog slaughter,Most negative minds are scholars”?
“Statham?”On the way home in the evening,Chen Geng, who had been squinting his eyes, suddenly called Statham, who was driving.。
“I have something for you to do,Remember to keep it secret,Can’t tell anyone。”
Statham is obviously nervous:“boss,Are you going to kill someone?”
what……Are you a soldier?,This guy is really not suitable for the job of bodyguard。While Chen Geng was funny,,Suddenly the heart of mischief came out:“Not that serious,Just want to teach someone a lesson,do you dare?”
“That one……boss,”Anderson secretly glanced at Chen Geng through the rearview mirror,Hesitating:“in fact……If you really plan to kill someone,You can also give it to me,it does not matter……”
“Get out!”Chen Geng smiled and scolded:“I am a businessman,Not from a gang,How could you wonder who to kill?Just kill,It is always possible to leave evidence,Maybe someday in the future it will become the deadliest weapon for an opponent to attack me,I’m stupid?
Even if I really want to kill,Don’t you know that the lawyer holding the pen is much more reliable than a guy like you,Don’t have to bear any legal responsibility,What’s in your mind all day?”