On March 12, 3 cases of confirmed cases were announced for detail

People’s Daily Online, Harbin, March 13 (Yang Xuenan) News from the Health and Health Commission of Harbin City. At 0-24 on March 12, 3 cases of new local new crown pneumonia were added (1 case, 2 cases of light type) Essence

The above -mentioned cases were found in the concentrated isolation control screening as a close contact. The nucleic acid test on March 12 is positive, and it has now been closed to a fixed -point medical institution for treatment. According to the "New Coronatte Pneumonia Diagnosis and Treatment Plan (Trial Eighth Edition Revised Edition)", the expert group combined with clinical, imaging manifestations, and laboratory nucleic acid test results, it was diagnosed as confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia.

At present, work such as traceability, densely conducting inspection, nucleic acid detection, environmental disinfection and gene sequencing are underway. The main situation of the confirmed cases on March 12: Confirmation case 19: Male, the confirmed case of new crown pneumonia (ordinary type), and at 38 satellite roads in Daowai District.

Confirmation case 20: Female, new crown pneumonia, confirmed cases (light type), now No. 38, satellite road in the outer area of ??Dao.

Confracted cases 21: Female, new crown pneumonia diagnosis case (light type), currently No. 38 satellite road in the outer area of ??Daoda. According to the "People’s Republic of China Infectious Disease Prevention and Control Law" and "Copper Corporation of the People’s Republic of China" and other regulations, the citizens remind the general public: Please come to the second hospital in the city on February 24th and have the trajectory of the trajectory of the trajectory with the positive infected people at the same time. Empty and same trajectory intersect, especially those who have been to the same place at the same time or have taken the same car personnel to actively report to the community (village tun) and work units where they are located. Prevention and control measures such as medical observation. If you have symptoms such as fever, dry cough, fatigue, smell (taste), nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat, conjunctivitis, muscle pain, and diarrhea, please do not take the medicine yourself. Avoid taking public transportation, and actively inform the history of living, contact the history of contact, consciously monitor self -health, and jointly build the epidemic prevention and control immune barrier.

At present, Harbin is actively conducting nucleic acid screening in key areas. The general public is requested to actively participate in nucleic acid screening and comply with order during the testing process. In order to speed up nucleic acid screening, the inspectors are requested to open the "Longjiang Health Code" in advance and test it to test it. In the process, do a good job of personal protection, wear masks throughout the journey, and keep a safe distance of more than 1 meter. The majority of municipalities must always tighten the epidemic to prevent and control the string, insist on washing hands, often ventilating, wearing masks, not gathering, using public chopsticks, mealing systems, garbage classification, appointment online, avoid poor ventilation or densely crowded places Essence

When entering public places, cooperate with the staff to scan the code and measure the temperature. (Responsible editor: Zhang Qi, Li Zhongshuang) Share let more people see recommended reading.