Canada Mandong Zhang Xueyong Immigration Co., Ltd. is committed to China and Cultural Communication and the development of Manchesterian community

The company also actively planned and organized the only Sino-Califier 50 celebration in the Canadian industry. Invited Mr. Congwu, Canada, Mr. Congwu, Canada, Ms. Canada, the predecessor of Canada and the predecessor provincial governor, Canada level 3 Members and officials, Manda City, schools and business leaders, and China’s Overseas Chinese Federation, Hebei Provincial Overseas Chinese and Sichuan Overseas Chinese Federation. The company has helped Many Schools in Manches for many years from the establishment of friendly and cooperative relations with China Sichuan and Hebei Province. The Louisrielschool Secretary / Lrsd Louisrell Education Bureau exchanges exchange activities in Sichuan Province High School, is the only cooperative project partner in China’s education community. The company more than 20 years of ups and downs, creating a Manitoba International Education and the whole history of its kind in Canada, met with Manitoba’s five schools (including WinnipegTechnicalCollege / ManitobaInstituteofTradesandTechnology, UniversityCollegeoftheNorth, AssiniboineCommunityCollege, LouisRielSchoolDivisionArtsandTechnologyCentre, RobertsonCollege), and create multiple one-year professional courses, Many years of operating multiple professional 10-month Express Study Courses exclusive class is the only intermediary company in the Canadian industry in 14 years of continuous operation of the project. In the same period, as the first Chinese license consultant in Mann Province and the first batch of licensed consultants in Sa Province, MANIM project and Sauri projects have been operated in China and the Canadian industry, which is the economic development of Manchester and Sausa. I made an outstanding contribution.

The number of successful cases of company operations is more than the sum of all other Chinese companies in Manchester, thereby become the largest company in Man Man.