Country revitalization to see Guangdong | Guangzhou Baiyun District launched "Yunhua City" sales exceeded 192 million yuan

  In response to the national epidemic prevention and control requirements, Multi-city in Guangdong clearly announced the cancellation of the spring flower market in 2021.

In order to reduce the loss of flower farmers, recently, under the guidance of the Agricultural Rural Rural Department of Guangdong Province, relying on the village revitalization of cultural service industrial park platform, Guangzhou Baiyun District took the lead in carrying out the online promotion of "Cloud Huahua", helping flower farmers to sell annual flowers, realize cloud Production and sales docking. As of January 24, Baiyun District "Cloud Hua City" statistics showed that the transaction totals 413 single and sales exceeded 1.92 million yuan.

  Flower farmers plant flowers in the base. Xinhuanet issued a year’s hollow spring flower city is a unique tradition in Guangdong.

Zhang Baming, Director of the Agricultural Rural Rural Rural Area, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, said that in order to reduce people’s gathering, this time will move the flower market to the Internet. Use the Internet to practice traditional folklore, create a "cloud flower market" that does not fight in 24 hours, point to the flowers Direct delivery to home.

At the same time, through the live broadcast of the flower field, let the public visually see the picture of the flower group, and hear a targeted explanation. According to the feedback on the stage, the most popular product is Luo Han Song, Phalaenopsis, a string of red, astronomical, etc., the sales area is mainly in Guangdong Province.

"Cloud Hua City" realized three "clouds" "cloud trading" "cloud shopping". Flower farmers plant flowers in the base.

Xinhuanet issued and in order to make flower farmers more adapt to the "cloud form", Baiyun District invited sales platform companies to organize flower farmers training, on-site guidance online marketing knowledge and APP platform operation skills. As of January 24, Baiyun District has organized three years of annual flowers and e-commerce special training, invited Guangdong one-acre field Technology Co., Ltd., Guangdong Today’s Head Bar Technology Co., Ltd., Guangdong Mangoon Lianke Technology Co., Ltd. Teaching, training 30 flowers and enterprises, 96 people.

  In response to how the "Cloud flower market" is difficult to open the sales chain, Baiyun District invites Debon Logistics, Jingdong Logistics, China Post and District Flower Association, discuss the logistics transportation and packaging preferential programs, and has solved the Phalaenopsis potted packaging problem. At the same time, Baiyun District also explores the construction of new community group purchase models set up by relying on the community, logistics outlets, inviting major media to promote, so that more public will purchase. Zhang Baming said that next, Baiyun District will continue to deepen the "cloud flower market", broaden the sales channels on the online sales channel, do a good job in logistics and distribution, and speed up the sales system on the flower line, relieve the difficulties of the current flower farmers, the public buy flowers It is difficult to practice; at the same time, actively build a new Internet of Things trading platform, promote the normalization of the online flower market, to create a full-chain all-category of Baiyun agricultural products enterprise information sales system. (Lin Xiaohua).