Tips for maintaining and skincare for beautiful Chinese school flowers


Tips for maintaining and skincare for beautiful Chinese school flowers

Now the older generation of Chinese academy spends a lot of time in the entertainment industry, and the new generation of beautiful school spends a lot of personal talent.

Let ‘s not talk about the rest, let ‘s take a look at how these darlings of previous Chinese operas have kept their beauty.

  Gong Li: Sexy women’s prevention is more important than treatment. Pay attention to skin changes early to keep them young. Gong Li in private and her in front of the camera feel different. Gong Li is a real actor. Her eyes and lips on the screen, every moveAll make us clenched and forget ourselves.

In her daily life, she is a candid and hearty woman. Because of her hearty and good acting skills, everyone knows that she has one kind: supernatural sexy.

Gong Li admits that, compared to maintenance, she is more inclined to some daily sports. When it comes to skin care products, she pays great attention to its own brand reputation. Some of the favorite brands naturally have her reason.Endorsing anti-wrinkle essence, she smiled and said: Sometimes, prevention is more important than cure. You must pay attention to skin changes early to keep you young.

  Zhang Ziyi: Chinese celebrities love natural ingredients and love to use DIY masks. Zhang Ziyi should say that she is now red, so everyone says she is a school flower, but in fact, when she was in school, she didn’t count it.

My loved ones looked pale and skinny.

However, Zhang’s skin is pretty good at her age, and sometimes occasionally there are some small acne, and the skin is very delicate.

Pores are also small.

In addition to the products must be supplemented with natural ingredients, Zhang Ziyi usually also likes to make DIY masks to replace safe and natural fruits, honey, milk, any method needs to be adhered to, at least one cycle down, the skin changes will be quite obvious.

In addition to facial masks, natural products are also essential.

  Hu Jing: Beauty in period costumes focuses on cleaning products that like to do their homework on details. When you see Hu Jing herself, you will find that she is as beautiful as she looks. Hu Jing is a beautiful girl with a warm and sweet appearance.Among them, Hu Jing is the most dazzling in this class and was named “Chinese Opera School Flower”.

Now married to a woman, Hu Jing looks more virtuous. Hu Jing, who has a classical beauty face, also has a good skin that can be broken by bullets and envy others.

Speaking of maintenance, Hu Jing said that he has always paid more attention to cleaning.

She said that she has a cleansing habit on her face, and she will feel uncomfortable if she does not carefully remove her makeup, and she will never sleep.

Because I am quite fancy about some details, choosing skin care products is also a favorite for those who do their homework on the details.

  Yuan Quan: I was surprised by the moisturizing eye cream to prevent the appearance of fine lines. Before seeing Yuan Quan himself, I didn’t know what temperament was. After seeing her, I found that Yuan Quan was really very elegant.A violent, even a taste that flows quietly in the dark, but always attracts everyone’s attention.

Yuan Quan herself looks a little weak, her looks are more Westernized, and her skin is not particularly good, especially her eyes. She also said that because of the irregular working hours of filming for many years, she cares most about her eyes.

When choosing a product, Yuan Quan will definitely choose a moisturizing eye cream. The effect of the eye cream is to moisturize and provide enough water to prevent fine lines.

  Zhang Jingchu: The glorious daily care is not slack and dare to try new technologies and products. Zhang Jingchu is a graduate of the director of the Chinese Theater Department. Why hire an actor as the start of his career?

When she first debuted, Zhang Jingchu was unanimously recognized by her peers for her outstanding performances in “Peacock” and “Flower Waist Bride”.

Anyone who knows her will know her dedication to the role, and because of her cherishment and talent, she has achieved good results at a young age.

During this time, I rarely saw the news of Zhang Jingchu, maybe it was to improve myself again. Anyone should look for an interval adjustment before and after work, I believe her future performance will be even better.

Zhang Jingchu belongs to the class of people with beautiful looks. The foundation of the skin has been very good, so pay attention to some daily care for moisturizing and whitening. When choosing products, she is more inclined to choose fresh things.

Trying out some fresh technologies and products may have unexpectedly good results.

  Mei Ting: Red lovers have plenty of sleep to deal with dark circles. Each of Mei Ting’s films is praised and hailed. It won’t last long and is replaced by another one of her very good works.

From these roles, we found Mei Ting’s acting skills and skills, and more aware of her unknown beauty.

Speaking of Mei Ting’s skin care experience, she said that she has always paid great attention to the conditioning of the eye skin, because Mei Ting, who has always focused on dark circles, seems to have much better skin during this time, so many peopleAsk her how to eliminate dark circles. In addition to ensuring extra sleep, good products can make your recuperation work more effective.