When I left this day,Parents sent them to the car at the entrance of the village。It’s the first time that Wang Degui sent his son in the car。Wang Youcai knows,He is dazzled by Yao Chunni。

At the moment he was about to start the car,Chen Yueqin ran to the car window,Said loudly at Wang Youcai:“Go back and discuss it,I can’t get married after the Spring Festival”
“Good mom!We try to hurry”Wang Youcai said,He started his broken jeep,Screaming towards Chaoping City。
Along the way,Wang Youcai is very careful。Although the snow on the road has melted,But some places have frozen。As soon as the car ran up,Still quite scary。
Finally arrived in Pingdu,Wang Youcai found a remote place and stopped the car,And took Yao Chunni to a large supermarket,Bought some daily necessities。I bought some skin care products for Yao Chunni,But Wang Youcai is more mindful,I secretly bought a copy for Liu Ying。
in this aspect,Yao Chunni is just a horse,She followed Wang Youcai with a cheerful look。No matter what Wang Youcai buys,She didn’t bother to ask。
to be honest,Why does Wang Youcai marry Chunni?,In fact, he just likes this woman。Regardless of everything about him。Just like Liu Ying said,If you change any woman,It’s impossible to do this。
I wanted to find Julan,But when I thought of Yao Chunni in the car,Wang Youcai put his heart up,Drove directly back to the Chenzhuang Scenic Tree Planting Base。
This way,It’s really thrilling。Especially on the way from Baibu Town to Chenzhuang,The snow has not melted clean。There is still thick snow section by section。As soon as the car drove up,It’s like twisting Yangko。I scared Yao Chunni several times。
If this is for someone else,The car stopped on the side of the road.。But Wang Youcai is a dazed boy,He looks fearless and fearless,He just took a great risk,Drove the car back to the base。
Everyone saw that Wang Youcai and Yao Chunni were back,All around the car,A very lively scene。The snow here is very thick,Can’t work on the ground at all。A lot of work has gone back,Left more than a dozen strong bodies,Be prepared to have something to spare later。
“Oh, brother Wang!You are so courageous and fat!So thick snow on the road,Why did you drive the car back??”Tian Wa asked in surprise。
Wang Youcai didn’t say a word,He jumped out of the car,Opened the trunk,Gave a bag of snacks to Tian Wa and said:“Send to everyone!Slippery road,Dare not bring more things”
A bag of snacks can cost a few dollars?But Wang Youcai did this,The workers around him are happy。This is where Wang Youcai becomes more and more mature as a boss。He felt that the requirements of these workers were not high,As long as you have them in your heart,They will repay you twice。
When Wang Youcai waited for which workers Tian Wa brought back to the room to send something,Only then did he bring a few big bags of bought things to Yao Chunni and bring them back to his office。
Because he called Liu Ying in advance,So the fire in the office is already on,People walk in,You can feel the warmth in the room。
Yao Chunni separated her own things,Put it in a bag and carry it away。She just left,Liu Ying walked in with a smile。She asked with a smile:“how about it?Do your parents still like Chunni??”
Wang Youcai did not directly answer Liu Ying’s question,But took a small bag out of a big bag and said:“This is some skin care products for winter,You have nice skin,Should take good care of”
Liu Ying received,Happy face。She wants to say something,But when the words came to my lips, I swallowed back。
Chief Wang Youcai let out a sigh of relief,Hugged Liu Ying,A little rude and stretched his hand under Liu Ying’s clothes。Liu Ying’s face flushed,She shook her head and said:“No way,Broad daylight…”Liu Ying’s voice has not fallen yet,The phone on Wang Youcai’s desk rang。