See things almost,Xiao Fan also said:“It’s okay now,I won’t stay much,Goodbye!”

After speaking, he walked out the door。
Seeing Xiao Fan had already walked out,Xia Qing still stared at the doorway。
Xia’s mother also took her own daughter,Asked teasingly:“This kid looks pretty good。”
Xia Qing nodded,Said:“Ok,Really good!”
“Since it’s good,You just take the initiative,Try to catch him,I think this man is very good to be my son-in-law。”
A word made Xia Qing blush immediately,Shyly pulled her mother and sat down,Said:“mom,What are you talking about?”
Seeing her shy face,Xia’s mother also knows what her daughter is thinking。
Although her daughter is not a shy flower,But he’s also grown up in water。A look like Xiaojiabiyu,And she also believes that Xiao Fan should also like her daughter,otherwise,How can you help my daughter so much?。
So he said to Xia Qing:“Yo Yo Yo,Still shy,Ma and you are serious,Meet a good man,Go when it’s time to go,otherwise,Such a good man can’t be taken away,Just snatched it。”
Mother said this,Xia Qing immediately became lost,Said:“It may be too late now,he,he is already married。”
“what?married?”Xia Mu looked disbelief。
And Xia Qing didn’t explain this to her mother much.,Just say:“If I had met him earlier,Maybe there is a chance,It’s just that it’s too late to say anything。”
Mother Xia also looked at the direction outside the door and shook her head regretfully.,Such a good man,Pity。
Xiao Fan walked downstairs,I saw that the landlord took four or five people and stood there waiting for him。