Zong Xueqin sneered,How could this simple measurement fool her?

“rest assured,I won’t kill you,Because I want you to watch Xia Chenglong come back,Then kneeling in front of me begging for mercy,But you still have some abilities,I’m not at ease just letting you stay。”
After the woman finished speaking,The scary red energy went towards the old man’s body,Two forces collide at this moment,Then there is a strong storm。
Everyone was forced by this force to forcibly raise their hands to cover their faces,When everyone looks at their previous location after the storm,The current situation……
“Ma Lao!”
At the moment, the old man Ma is gray-haired,Old man like rotten wood,Seems to pass away in the next moment。
Zong Xueqin abolished Old Man Ma’s aura,Now he is no different from the old man who can’t lift the bucket。
The giant hand of the red earth will shake the old man away,Can’t help but vomit bleeding after being hit hard。
Qi Chong and others quickly surrounded Ma Lao,Looking at the folds of the skin,Can’t bear to touch,I’m afraid that the next moment will be unexpected because of too much force。
I don’t know what language to use to comfort,Because I can’t say a word right now。
“I~No~thing,you,Don’t worry。”
The old man Ma’s voice tremblingly sounded,Try to smile,Give these brothers some comfort。
“well,I am very happy to see you like this,starting from tomorrow,Xia Chenglong kills someone without showing up,I want to see if he is as passionate as you say。”
Chapter Seven Hundred and Fifty Three Surging from all sides
Zong Xueqin used the lives of Old Man Ma and Qi Chong as a bait for fishing,This kind of thing is cruel,But at the moment it is their home court,So understandable。
After all, there is another strong man who asks the gods in Lingxiao City,For this great Chinese country, it is only a shock。