“Speaking of which,Old Ding,What is going on in Hongdu Factory??”Chen Geng was not polite to Ding Haijun,Ask directly:“How come the Hongdu factory still has opinions on our cooperation with the Soviet Union to develop a new generation of trainers?”

Speaking of this,The smile on Ding Haijun’s face suddenly disappeared:“This is actually a coincidence,Hongdu Factory is also working on a jet trainer project,This is not,After I heard that you are going to cooperate with Lao Maozi on a jet trainer project,I can’t sit still at Hongdu Factory。”
Of course Chen Geng knows the jet trainer project of Hongdu Factory,It became famous laterK8Trainer。
“I know something about this jet trainer project at Hongdu Factory,”Chen Geng nodded slowly:“If i remember correctly,Their project is similar to that of COMAC,Is not a national project,It is a joint cooperation project between Hongdu Factory and minibus,The main customer is the minibus,At the same time taking into account part of the international market,”
Speaking of which,Chen Geng’s brows have been twisted:“The jet trainer that our COMAC and the Soviet Union cooperated together is not prying at their Hongdu factory customers.,Why is Hongdu Factory unhappy??”
Facing Chen Geng’s question,Ding Haijun is a little embarrassed:“This one,Mainly because the minibus changed his mind。”
“Ok?The minibus changed?”Chen Geng asked quickly:“what is the problem?Isn’t the minibus cooperating well with Hongdu Factory??”
Ding Haijun became more embarrassed:“Is a good cooperation,But I don’t know how they heard that your COMAC is cooperating with the Soviet Union to develop a jet trainer.,Then they felt that the strength of the Soviet aviation industry must be stronger than ours,The trainer aircraft developed is definitely better than the one developed by Hongdu Factory,and so……”
Hear here,Chen Geng is also speechless。
Although Ding Haijun did not say the following plot,But he can already think about the next bloody plot:I heard that COMAC will cooperate with the more powerful Soviet Union in the aviation industry to develop a new generation of jet trainers.,The minibus started to like the new and dislike the old,But Hongdu Factory is definitely not happy,entire**Ten’s,No one in the military industry has a better life,There are fat sheep here now,How could Hongdu Factory let it go??
“and so,Comrades from Hongdu Factory ran to complain to the leader?”After a while,Chen Geng sighed,Asked Ding Haijun。
“Yes,”Ding Haijun’s face is all embarrassed:“The head of the aviation industry port has a headache about this matter,and so……”