By Jin Zongyao,And another man standing beside him。

This man is tall and slender,Handsome face,Chiseled,There is always a smirk on the corner of the mouth that represents the gesture of a winner,Is a very impressive guy。
Those Korean media reporters at the scene,When I saw Jin Zongyao,Just a little excited,But when I saw the man next to Jin Zongyao,Completely crazy。
“Big news!Come on!There must be big news breaking out today!”
“How could he stand with Jin Zongyao,Are they here to oppose President Kim??This is incredible!”
“Bae Jun Ki,How can you stand with Jin Zongyao,Oh my god!In the end what happened?Unbelievable!”
Korean media reporters after a short surprise,All in a mess,Desperately crowded toward the stage,Everyone wants to take pictures of these two men together,Because this is very likely to be a moment to change history。
the reason is simple,The man standing next to Kim Jong Yao is called Bae Jun Ki,He is not only a hot first-line star in the Korean entertainment industry,And he has an identity that has to be valued,He is the husband of the radiant President Kim on the stage。
Two years ago,Bae Joon Ki and Kim So Yeon’s wedding,Is used by the entire Korean entertainment industry,Even the corporate world believes that it is a marriage of the century made in heaven.。
This pair of Biren is not only a perfect combination of handsome men and beautiful women,It also represents the alliance of the powerful。
Kim So Yeon was once known as a national girl in South Korea,She was a popular girl groupTFthe member of,Has a large number of fans and popularity,She is also the eldest daughter of Daewoo Group,In the case of the father’s health,Appointed to take over the family business,Successfully transformed from an idol star to become a domineering female president。
And Bae Joon Ki’s achievements in the entertainment industry are obvious to all,Not only hot in Korea,In the past two years, the popularity has been increasing throughout Asia.,I heard that I received an invitation from Hollywood last year,Going international soon,Is an undoubtedly strong male star。
All the time,Bae Jun Ki gives the impression that he loves his wife very much,So although I married Kim So Yeon,,Popularity does not fall but rises,A model of a good man。
But just half a year ago,According to gossip rumors,Bae Joon Ki and Kim So Yeon have secretly divorced,But neither public relations team made a public statement on the matter,Neither admit,Nor deny,But rarely kept silent。
then,This topic was once heated up by the Korean media,Almost become a world
Ji Xuan case。
And not long after that,Bae Joon Ki’s mother held her 60th birthday,Feast guests,Kim So Yeon was photographed by the media to attend the birthday banquet,And Bae Jun Ki is still taking care of his wife very considerately,The previous rumors seemed self-defeating,Gradually there is no more。
After Kim Soyeon became Chairman Kim,,Life has always been very low-key,Hardly any news topics,And Bae Jun Ki has been abroad for the past six months,Participate in shooting Hollywood movies,So there are few new topics about this mythical couple in the media。