What dry stocks are the best-rising stocks?


What dry stocks are the best-rising stocks?


Source: Red Magazine financial data show that as of the close of February 19th, the Shanghai Composite Index reported at 2975.

At 40 points, this figure was only slightly lower than the close of the first trading day after the Spring Festival.

04 foreign countries.

This means that the Shanghai Stock Index has now returned to the state before the major adjustments affected by the epidemic.

However, at the same time, a reporter from “Red Weekly” found that the performance of individual stocks in Shanghai and Shenzhen was different. Some stocks had breakthrough gains that were still weaker than those of the Shanghai Index. Breakthroughs of individual stocks had become the state before adjustment, and the gains far exceeded the Shanghai Index.

So what exactly drives these rising stocks?

  Relaxation of refinancing rules is good for small and medium-sized start-ups According to statistics from a reporter from Red Weekly, on February 3?
At the close on February 19, a total of 1,851 stocks in the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets closed up, accounting for 49 of the 3,774 stocks in transaction.

05% (excluded individual stocks listed after February 3, the same below).

Among them, at least 668 stocks experienced a range expansion of 10% or more.

Taken as a whole, the leading stocks are mainly concentrated in the technology sector consisting of computers, electronics and communications 天津夜网 (see Table 1).

  Taking the computer industry as an example, the continuous range of nearly 40% of the stocks in the industry rose by 10% or more.

And according to reporter statistics, in addition, the computer industry has 92 stocks closed up.

This is undoubtedly within the statistical interval of the computer industry79.

The 04% increase in individual stocks exceeded the Shanghai Index.

  The reason may be related to the adjustment of some terms of the refinancing system of listed companies issued by the Securities Regulatory Commission on February 14.

China Merchants Securities research report on February 16 stated that it believes that the refinancing is moderately loose, gradually increasing the non-public offering of listed companies, and helping listed companies fight the epidemic and resume production.

At 南京桑拿网 the same time, the research report shows that the relaxation of refinancing rules is beneficial to small and medium-sized startups mainly based on technological innovation.

  According to statistics from reporters, of the 229 stocks in the computer industry of Shenwan Tier 1 industry, 52 companies are listed on the main board, accounting for only about 20%.

  The overall better performance of the computer industry may also be one of the reasons why these stocks broke through and rose far beyond the Shanghai Index.

  Taking the computer industry as an example, according to Red Weekly reporter statistics, as of now, 176 stocks in the computer industry have issued 2019 performance forecasts. Except for the uncertain performance of Baoland and Puyuan Information, there are 117 stocksPleasure, accounting for 66.


Among them, Wanji Technology’s annual net profit growth cap is the highest in Shanghai and Shenzhen (see Table 2).

In addition, it is worth mentioning that in the computer industry, Jieshun Technology, Nanwei Software, Yihualu and COSCO Haike have released the 2019 performance report, and their net profit attributable to mothers has increased by 49.

79%, 25.

88%, 25.

77% and 16.


  At the same time, the research report of CITIC Securities on February 6 held that the technology-related stocks represented by computers, which had experience of “SARS” in tandem, rebounded after the epidemic was under control to lead the market.

And the technology sector’s performance will be constrained in a single quarter, but at least it will cause a significant impact.

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) Table 1 Proportion of stocks with a growth rate of 10% or more in their industries Table 2 List of top ten stocks with a predicted net profit limit in the computer industry