Doctors reveal why skin care is always zero


Doctors reveal why skin care is always zero

Spending money on maintenance products is nothing more than hoping that every penny becomes a beautiful force. I am most afraid that the effect of rubbing is not as good as expected. Is it the head of injustice?

The dermatologist asks you on the paper to tell you why the skin care product is not working.

  The ingredients are not understood According to the dermatologist at the National Taiwan University Hospital, due to the chemical ingredients in the skin care products, translation into Chinese is quite difficult, let alone English, and consumers are often too lazy to read.

But key ingredient indications can often help you understand if it fits your skin’s needs at this time.

Look at beauty magazines or surf the web to learn more about ingredients so you don’t buy skin care products that your skin doesn’t need.

It is also a good idea to keep the outer packaging of the product labeled for the dermatologist to review.

  Adding a concentration discount does add effective ingredients to the skin care products. If the concentration is not high, the skin care effect that can be exerted is also discounted.

For example, according to the new regulations of the Department of Health, whitening products do not need to be labeled as long as the active ingredients are within the prescribed safety range.

Take vitamin C as an example, 0.

Adding 1% and 2% concentrations, of course, the effect is also somewhat different. Regrettably, there is no clear way to identify this.

It can only be said that if the ingredients of the skin care products indicate that they are on the skin’s appetite, but the results are not as good as expected, perhaps the concentration is the key.

  If the skin texture is unknown, do n’t mix it with a cosmetic manufacturer ‘s dry oil and dry oil. The dermatologist proposes to correct it. Sebaceous glands are secreted in the outermost layer of the entire skin, so there is no dry skin inside.Oily skin.

Most of the problems are caused by external oil and internal dry wounds, which originally belonged to dry skin, but due to acquired atopic dermatitis, or hormonal changes, affected oil secretion increased. As for dryness, it is a problem of the cuticle of the epidermis.

If you find the cause of inflammation, strengthen the skin, make it moisturize well, the effect is better than buying anti-sensitivity or using oil control care products by mistake.

  Expecting more than effects Professional doctors cannot say that many consumers think too much about the effects that skin care products can play, while ignoring that it is actually prevention and relief.

For example, it can dilute the depth of fine lines but not completely remove wrinkles; it can diminish minor local acne, but it cannot treat severe and large areas of acne; it can whiten, increase skin brightness, and lighten spots, but it cannot be whiter than whiteThe original racial limit did not make the spots disappear completely.

In addition, care products usually have to perform 2?
4 weeks is the most effective. Later, when the skin condition improves, it is usually faced. The stagnation period is not a loss of effect, but the skin has progressed to the limit of the can care product.

  How to use NG The skin care products with a certain thickness on the skin should be used again and again. If the amount is too small, it can only be used as thinly as possible. Just pat, gently wipe the exfoliating lotion (or remove the horny fluid), and repeatedly rub tooRepeatedly overstretched.

Label 5?
The 10-minute mask was just afraid of wasting it until dawn, and the water evaporated.

Zhan Yuzhang said that there are endless examples of such errors. In short, don’t be clever by yourself, do follow the usage methods provided on the product to reduce the chance of errors.

  Monkeys apply it too quickly, especially in the morning before makeup. In order to hurry, many people directly apply one bottle after the other to the skin and quickly apply it on the face. The previous layer has not had enough time to penetrate the skin and has an effect.The next layer of coating is covered, or even erased. As a result, only the skin care products used in the last procedure can truly perform skin care.

It is recommended that each type of product should be allowed to stay for at least 5 minutes, and then slightly absorbed before moving on to the next step.

  Skin conditions cannot use skincare products to change the dilution that can be done by excessive skincare products, delaying, and maintaining the three major types of effects. Dr. Wu Minqi pointed out that your skin condition may be that you can only seek the assistance of a professional doctor for therapeutic medical beauty, or even plastic surgery.

For example, due to rhinitis, dark circles caused by inborn ectopic constitution, and sagging bags under the eyes, no matter how the eye care products are rubbed, they are still inconspicuous, or just improve for a while, and immediately return to their original appearance;Sacral mother spots, dark spots caused by hormonal changes, dark spots caused by hormonal changes, old spots caused by lasers, or high-concentration pharmaceutical-grade light spots listed by dermatologists are far more expensive than buying a lot of skin care products.More practical and effective.

  When cross-border products using pulse light other than this age are popular, dermatologists often encounter young MMs who come to the door to specify to try, but are discouraged. First, the skin condition is not needed at all, and second, the effect of spending money is not the effect of mature skin.it is good.

The doctor believes that the same principle is used for skin care products. As long as you are good at cleaning, moisturizing and controlling young skin, you have to buy expensive anti-wrinkle skin care products.Consumers of mature age who are stimulating collagen renewal, but still only staying in the whitening and moisturizing step, do everything they can to get the result with half the effort, and it is no wonder that they always feel that the money is not worth it, and they unknowingly become the injustice.

  Bottles and jars are overloaded. More and more consumers will choose to discuss maintenance solutions with dermatologists. They often encounter patients who have come to the door with a lot of care products. Dr. Li Meiqing explained that the more people buy, the more she saysI don’t know what to use.

In fact, there is a certain degree of skin absorption. If you use too much, not only you can’t eat it, but it may also have adverse effects.

For example, when the skin is in poor condition and sensitive to inflammation, it is better to cleanse and moisturize.

Usually, the safety of the skin is given priority, and the basic maintenance suitable for the skin is matched with 1, 2 cans of high-performance skin care products for special needs.

You don’t have to buy a whole series, according to the seasonal changes, to buy the real needs of the skin at this moment, as long as a few bottles of skin care products can achieve the desired beauty effect.

  Brightly following the popular models and word-of-mouth advertising, supermodels and celebrities can always arouse the desire of consumers to become like her. Make-up products are simple to copy. For skin care products, you must consider whether it is suitable for your skin and skin.Status, otherwise the same will not work.

Dr. Li Meiqing pointed out that in recent days, the amount of oil produced by hot weather has increased. Some patients are convinced and advised that when they use scrub scrub products, the epidermis is too irritated and deep acne cannot be removed. It is better to obey the doctor’s instructions and use some home.A mild fruit acid peel.

The effectiveness of the popular hyaluronic acid component depends on the ambient humidity. If it is used in a dry air-conditioning environment, it must be used with a mild emulsion to truly achieve its full effectiveness.

Dr. Li Shihong suggested that products like the ones that disappeared after a while on the Internet are likely to be just speculation for a short period of time, but their effectiveness cannot be tested for a long time or can be easily replaced.