Top 10 sexy professions in the eyes of men

Top 10 sexy professions in the eyes of men

Since ancient times, the men who can move the most are those who enter the kitchen, bear hardships and stand hard work, wear smart apron and hands covered with powder, and have no other choice.

However, most modern women have jumped out of the box of “teachers”, and a lot of them have become senior government officials, professional doctors, lawyers, designers, or foremen who lead the pack and even popular stars, musicians, etc .The top ten sexy occupations in the eyes are waiting for women to take on the jobs in front of us, but have you ever wondered what are the top ten female occupations that make men feel sexy in the industry?

Sexy, really is synonymous with less clothes, flirtatious eyes, and wind-eating?

In the eyes of a man, what exactly is sexy?

In order to explain the above doubts, we have brought a group of men to answer for you personally.

Recently, ELLE in France conducted a survey by trapping a group of men in an office and exhausting all methods, leading them to express their views on sexy women.

You probably also know that men are generally embarrassed to disobey women (especially for them to be honest and psychologically true); in addition, they often lack imagination and speak perfunctoryly.

Therefore, it is necessary to make confession in many aspects in the process.

After two hours of warm-up, I finally got a lot of results, depending on the results: the shampoo girl said that the female hairdresser is good, but they cut it in their hands and sharpened the knife. If they accidentally cut the knife, they can”It’s useless to shout”.

For the shampoo girl, her hands are in direct contact with her scalp, but there is no danger. At most, the water is too cold for a while. That is not a big deal.

Also, most of them are around the age of sixteen to eighteen and are generally cute.

  Daydream: It ‘s better for them to “put” a little while washing my hair.

They were standing behind me, and I only felt their hands, and while they massaged their scalp slowly, carelessly, they looked at the mirror, muttered their lips, and sorted out their lipsticks . in this coldnessThe performance of being somewhat in control of the situation is most fascinating.

  Point out: The argument is not strong, but part of the industry should be improved.

This kind of innocent fantasy is also quite new. It was just a certain type of Thai massage girl who was unemployed. The shampoo girl should be some distance away.

  Rheumatic therapist man said: Because my rheumatic therapist is very sexy and is a STD.

In fact, female doctors themselves are very attractive. They are both smart and hardworking.

Moreover, as doctors, I often have to come in contact with people. They have a deep understanding of the human body and know my muscles.

They are always good to me and often make me feel comfortable.

People with a lot of exercise need a rheumatic therapist, which is even better if they are beautiful.

  Daydream: Must wear a skirt (no one will deny this), and be straightforward and treat patients professionally.

Then she said to herself, “Did you know that, out of the many patients I’ve seen, you really have an athletic body.

“An expert said that you are better than others, and men are naturally very useful.

  Controversy: Sexy rheumatic therapist-nothing to say.

Honestly, when you go to see them with soreness, do you still have any illusions?

  A right-wing politician man said: A woman who engages in politics is very attractive, but when power comes to her hands, she will become strong and lose her sensibility.

So why is it right?

Because rightists are generally pretty.

  Daydream: I want to merge a contract with the right leader, but I don’t know why, when I saw her administrative staff wearing a stiff gray suit, I felt unnatural.

I behaved rudely, but she liked it.

In the end, she revealed some absolute secrets to me “in private.”

  Budget: Could this be one of the reasons why women enter politics?

Whether it is his own wife or the little girl next door, in the man’s sexual fantasy, it is just the age differentiation.

  The trainee man said: We will classify trainees and young employees into the same type.

These occupations belong to the sexy family, because they often don’t stay in the company for long.

In this way, to “act” with them, we must be quick and accurate.

Perhaps, Lewinsky is a classic example-although too many people say she is ugly.

  Trainees are rarely older women or men, and because they have not yet entered the WTO, they are very touching and inject a little warmth into the service organizations.  Daydreaming: A trainee with a Peugeot appearance lost his way in the company’s intricate corridors.

  I helped her and introduced myself.

After hearing my name, her eyes trembled again and her breasts turned red.

She said everyone mentioned me and wanted me to help her with the documents she needed to prepare.

What do I do next?

Of course she promised her.

  Controversy: If married women want to keep their husbands, in addition to the ugliest babysitter, they may wish to participate in the selection of trainees to be hired by her husband’s company.

  The weather report girl and man said: They can be seen every day, so sometimes they have fantasies.

When they appear, they sometimes don’t seem to know what they are talking about, but they are usually a little sexy.

They often laugh and are neatly dressed, which makes people want to remove their buns.

Also, although the weather report girl sometimes reports the wrong weather, I never expect a woman to tell the truth to herself often.

  Daydream: I won a gift in a TV show, and when I picked it up on TV, I met a weather report girl.

I showed her my new hairstyle, and she paid me back with a charming sweet smile.

  Confidence: For men, women who appear on TV screens are often attractive.

The ones that are most exposed are not necessarily the ones that look the most interesting or the most interesting to men. This is really worth thinking about.

  The housewife man said: This is an eternal illusion.

A married woman who does not need to go to work has experience and time.

There may not be the efficiency of professional women, but they are free forever and more docile.

Usually, they have already suffered and are disappointed with their husband. They may be nervous, but they can pay a lot.

  Daydream: I met her at a friend’s party.

She stared at me with a smile.

I put my phone number quietly in her pocket.

Then, naturally, she called me, and we first visited the museum together and said goodbye in the hotel.

When I hugged her in a public place, she was flushed.

  Contradiction: This is sad.

In fact, a housewife is never more leisurely than a working woman, because working women always have a way to find someone to help with housework, and sometimes they are more leisurely.

Also, are married women so unfaithful in the eyes of men?

  Baseman men said: It is their feminine temperament, the rigorous training behind them, and their ability to endure pain and manipulate the body, which makes people illusion.

Their bodies are thin and soft, so they should be more “wonderful” when they are intimate.

  Daydream: The location is near the theater, I am drinking coffee, a tall and thin woman is not far away.

The expression on her face seemed to tell me something.

I stepped up to talk to her, and out of mutual appreciation, she took me to the backstage of the theater.

The wooden setting board was soaked with the chlorine smell of talc, and occasionally there were one or two mice walking around.

We walked into the huge dance studio, and in the mirror, we could see that both of them were practicing a pair of dance steps.

  Budget: The argument is clear.

But we are a little bit impressed that these dancers can be so casual.

  Israeli women soldier men said: We saw them on TV.

In Israel, everyone has to be a soldier, and the appearance of a “small handful” of women in a world of men is very exciting.

These ladies are dynamic, responsible and confident, and they are in stark contrast to the common birds.

  Daydream: I met her when I was on vacation in Israel.We admire each other and crawl on the mud at the same time. I also learned to remove her blindfold in eight seconds.

Finally, we played the terrorist game.

  Congress: Go to Jerusalem Summer Camp after Club Med Holiday?

Empower . Only women with a sense of motion are really sexy, which is the consensus of both men and women.

  The swordsman man said: This is a mysterious sport. Of course, the fast flashing sword attracts men, and the face hidden under the mesh mask attracts more attention.

Of course, there is that tight-fitting clothing, which is quite noble and tempting.

It’s also a movement that demonstrates strength, accuracy, and technology, without being overwhelming.

Especially when the winning points have been divided, isn’t the lady who wins the game very sexy?

  Daydream: In the playing field, an unknown small body is agilely comparing with me.

I can’t see the real face of this person, but when the body flashed, I saw that it was a female body.

Oh, her swordsmanship is better than mine!

As soon as she turned around, as soon as her sword tip arrived, she made a Z in my lower abdomen.

I immediately fled . Of course, I didn’t forget to take her away.

  Contradiction: This statement is unheard of, but quite interesting, but it needs to be vigilant.

  Professional women and men said: A woman who has power but is not honest is very provocative for men.

Like quizzical female lawyers or real estate agents who earn generous commissions.

. has angelic faces, but also has dim sum. The professionalism they show and the natural provocativeness of women often make me involuntary.

  Daydream: At the negotiating table, she coldly popped a string of English from her mouth. The strange and delicate face made people stay away.

Suddenly, under the table, her high-heeled shoes began to lightly touch my thigh. Oh my god, did she . after the meeting, we went to the bar together, she had a good drink, danced wildly, she was actually aVixen.

However, she sat at the negotiating table the next day and returned to normal.

  Strength: This man must be reading too many romance novels!

I believe this result will surprise many women. We have always thought that only those women in the “service” industry are the sexy angels in the eyes of men.

Never would have thought that under the seemingly normal appearance of a man, he had such an “abnormal” sexy conjecture.

Maybe from this evening, we don’t have to dress up as a “bunny girl” in front of him, otherwise we will change our face, put on a white coat, and go on strike. Be gentle at least: “Where are you uncomfortable?