Shanghai Beicai reported the smell of disinfection films to affect residents sincerely apologized

According to the WeChat public account of Beigaijiayuan, in response to the residents ‘reports recently put a large number of disinfection tablets in Nangxin Village, Bei Cai Town, the smell caused residents’ discomfort. Critical education for the disinfecting team.

The report mentioned that on May 13, some residents reported that a large number of disinfection sheets were put on the south Village of Northern Cai Town, which caused the taste of disinfection pieces in the community, and also caused some residents’ physical discomfort.

In this regard, the town party committee and government attach great importance to the relevant situation.

Nanxin Sixth Village is an old residential community in Beigai Town and one of the more serious districts in this epidemic.

Although the number of infections in the community has dropped sharply, there are still new cases. In order to thoroughly eliminate environmental hazards and avoid more residents from being infected with virus, it has continued to increase the environmental elimination and disinfecting frequency of the community in the near future.

The report stated that during the anti -killing work on May 13, I wanted to use rainy days to put disinfection pieces on the sewage pipes and road surfaces, and to disinfect it through rainwater dilution. Remain on the road surface of the community, the continuous spread of smell affects residents in the community. This shows that our disinfecting work is not scientific enough, and it is not thorough enough. There are still many places that should be rectified.

Here, I sincerely apologize to the majority of residents and friends! The report said that after the North Cai Town Epidemic Prevention Office learned about the situation, remedial measures were immediately taken to remove the residual disinfection tablets and criticized and educated the disinfecting team. In the next step, it will further grasp the main points of disinfection operations, configuration ratio, disinfection procedures, scientifically study risk areas, always pay attention to residents ‘feelings, and scientifically carry out disinfection and disinfecting work on the premise of ensuring the safety of residents’ lives and health. (Responsible editor: Peng Xiaoling, Yu Ziqing) Share let more people see it.