China Volunteer Service Federation president and the second conference of the Second Standing Council held in Beijing

The Second Conference of the China Volunteer Services Federation and the Second Conference of the Second Standing Council were held in Beijing: Time: May 7, 202, May 7, 2021, China Volunteer Conference President Office and the Second The Second Conference of the Standing Council was held in Beijing. The meeting summarized 2020 work, and informs relevant special work, and research and deploy in 2021. Deputy Minister of the Central Propaganda Department, Director of the Central Civilization Office, Wang Xiaohui, president of the China Volunteer Services Federation, attended and speaking. The meeting believes that in the past year, Zhongzhilian in-depth study and implementation of General Secretary of Xi Jinping on the important instructions of volunteer services, especially the spirit of the Zhizhi Federation, and implement the party’s central decision-making deployment, relying on the strong leadership of the party, continuous strengthening Self-construction, active responsibilities, actively actively, and play an important role in bridge linkage of the hub-type volunteer service organization.

Zhongzhilian and each member unit are widely condensed volunteers, volunteer service organizations and volunteer service workers, gathering the epidemic prevention and control of the people’s war, determined to venture the poverty and focus on the new era civilization practice, etc. , Spreading advanced culture, helping social governance, caring groups, participating in emergency rescue and other volunteer service activities, has achieved significant effectiveness, contributing important strength to oversee exhibition prevention and control and economic and social development.

  The meeting pointed out that my country’s volunteer services are increasingly integrated into economic, political, cultural, social, ecological civilization construction aspects, and the whole society participates in the enthusiasm of volunteering. Whether the number of volunteers is also a volunteer service organization, volunteer service activities, the total number of participating volunteer service time has reached a considerable scale. Zhong Zhilian and each member unit should adhere to the theme main line of the high-quality development of volunteer services, further clear function, construction standards, set projects, strong hand, heavy effectiveness, good, and promote volunteer services to speed up from "number chase" "Quality chase", transforming the rapid development of the number of advantages to the continuous enhanced quality advantage. The meeting requires that Zhong Zhuan and the members should keep in mind the Call of General Secretary, with the fundamental follow-up of General Secretary on Volunteers, the spirit of volunteering, active service national strategy, constantly meet the people’s better life needs, carefully build a series of volunteer service brands Project, innovation expansion new era civilized practice volunteer service, standardizing "emergency volunteer service caring action". To establish a sound "Going out", "please come in" mechanism, actively carry out international volunteer service exchange cooperation, and vigorously support the volunteer service of Beijing Winter Olympics Winter Paralympics, fully highlight the Chinese characteristics of volunteer service, China’s style, China. The meeting emphasized that our party’s 100-year hunting history, repeatedly proved that the comprehensive leadership of the party is the largest political advantage and organizational advantages, and is the fundamental guarantee of volunteer service. We must conscientiously implement the important instructions of General Secretary on Strengthening the Leaders of Social Organizations, and Effectively Constructive Grassroots Party Organizations. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the party, innovate the use of volunteer service, mobilize volunteers to promote party history, theoretical preaching, moved from the classroom to the lives of the people.

Focus on promoting public cultural facilities such as Party History, Memorial Hall, Cultural Museum, Museum, and launch interactive, experienced volunteer service preaching. It is necessary to have a wide range of volunteers to firmly listen to the party’s words, and the party’s determination is determined, and resolutely take the road of Chinese characteristic volunteer service, contribute more power to build a modern country to give gifts to the 100th birthday of the party with excellent results.