But silently,The formation restrictions of Baiyu Lake Lair that they knew came into Li Ming’s mind.。

This lair,The formation also needs someone to host,Of course, it is impossible for these returning to the virtual earth to know all the formation restrictions.,But everyone knows the formation prohibition plus one,It covers more than 90% of the formation prohibition of the entire Baiyu Lake Lair。
Li Ming,The realm of formation is high,And know these formation restrictions,Nature can enter like no one。
even,Most of the control rights in these formations are easily controlled by Li Ming。
The only unaware semi-array prohibition,All under the control of Tianxian。
These formations prohibit,Relatively independent,Obviously this fairy used to obstruct the surrounding。
This god,Extremely ugly,There is a single horn on top of the head,Wearing a golden robe。
“This god,Should be the ugly fairy。”Li Ming whispered,They say that this poisonous and ugly fairy is ugly,This is not mixed with water。
Notice,On the road,As the realm improves,Sublimation of life,Even if he looks ugly,Looks gradually improved。
And this poisonous and ugly fairy who is already a fairy,Even in the ordinary,It’s hard to find something uglier than the ugly fairy。
Although the formation is controlled by the poisonous fairy,But the formation itself is not too strong,Li Ming’s energy penetrates,Yomo can also burst out almost 70% to 80% of the power。
“Time to shoot!”Li Ming’s heart moved。
third chapter Ugly fairy