“Arms on the ladder,Don’t move,Otherwise I will definitely stabb you in with this knife“Mao Jie said sharply。at this time,Xia Jian really didn’t dare to mess around。This space is too small,These two people’s daggers are on his neck,A little carelessness will make him die。

His skill is good,But this situation,He hasn’t used his abilities yet。Xia Jian’s honest hands hugged the escalator。Mao Hao let go of his left hand,But the dagger in the right hand came from the front of his neck,Turned to the back of the neck。
Then Mao Jie freed up a hand,She moved quickly and skillfully to tie Xia Jian’s two hands to the escalator with which of her stockings。At this time,Xia Jiancai figured it out,Mao Jie asked him to take off her stockings for this purpose,It’s really a weird idea。
Wait for Xia Jian to be tied up,The dagger in Mao Jie’s hand left Xia Jian’s neck,She was also tired and sweating,Lie down on Guo’s beautiful bed,Breathlessly。
Xia Jian looked back at this woman,I saw her breasts move up and down,A beautiful leg with and without stockings,Clear color difference。Xia Jian couldn’t help shook his head,My own eyes sometimes deceive myself,Don’t know in this world,What else is true。
Mao Jie who rested for a while,Suddenly shouted to the door:“Let this woman in,No one else near,Otherwise don’t blame me for being polite。Mao Jie finished,Pull the latch,Right hand,The dagger in his hand rested on Xia Jian’s neck again。
The door of the box was gently pushed open,Guo Meili flashed,Squeezed in through the crack of the door,She took two bottles of mineral water in her hand。
“You don’t hurt him,We are innocent,If you have any requirements,As long as we can do,Try to satisfy you”Guo Meili said with a trembling voice,She is pale,But obviously I was scared。
Mao Jie glanced at the door and said:“You less talk,Go back and tell them,If not honest,I killed him on the spot,I don’t want to run”Mao Jie suddenly turned a hundred and eight degrees,Xia Jian did not expect this。If she doesn’t want to run,If you are deadlocked in this box,His chances of getting out are even slimmer。
“Xia Jian!Are you okay!”Guo Meili asked with a crying voice。Maybe the police arranged for her,So Guo Meili called him by name,Did not call him President Xia。
Xia Jian shook his head and said:“Everything is fine,The air conditioner doesn’t seem to work,Old sweating”That’s it for Xia Jian,When Cheng Maojie is not paying attention,He hurriedly winked Guo Meili’s eyes。
Mao Jie suddenly said coldly:“Don’t show me your love here,You better go out!”
“Let me pour him some water!Or thirsty”Guo Meili said,Walked towards Xia Jian。
Unexpectedly, Mao Jie suddenly became angry,She yelled:“roll!Give you face, you don’t know the sky is high,Who asked you to water him”Mao Jie shouted,The dagger in the right hand raised Guo Meili’s face。
The scared Guo Meili hurriedly backed out。Mao Jie picked up the mineral water on the bed and looked at it carefully from beginning to end,Then gently twist the cap,She is checking,See if this water has been manipulated。It seems that this woman is really not an ordinary fugitive,Anti-reconnaissance ability is so strong。