The Yun family still doesn’t know what the person in charge is thinking,Once it is determined that the person in charge is unwilling to take care of this stall,Then Murong’s end will come,At that moment Murong’s house will be completely wiped out。

For such an era,A family in a five-tier city,Even if the whole family is destroyed,It’s just a drop of water that blends into the sea, inconspicuous。
Besides, Murong’s family is not only hit by business,The family’s armed forces are too bad,Many of the new generation forces of the Murong family died inexplicably,Even if I knew it was made by the Yun family,There is no way to revenge。
Murong Ba now has no heroic spirit at all,Looks more like a late old man,The pressure of the whole family is really tired,So tired。
Yun Kongming sits on a chair while shaking his wine glass,While looking at the data,He is in a very good mood at the moment,Since Ye Fuming came to Tarot City, he has been deflated one after another,I’m so happy today。
Until the subordinate handed him a message,This information makes his palms hard,Smash the wine glass instantly,The bright red wine stays in the palm of your hand。
“Unexpectedly,Actually has such potential,Really underestimated him!”Yun Kongming’s voice is low,Like a night ghost。
“Tell everyone,Speed up the attack,I want Murong’s family to be destroyed faster!”Yun Kongming got up and gave an absolute order,He doesn’t want to drag on。
At night,Waking up,I got up and sat up with my head,Qingling and Li Le surrounded immediately。
“Fuming,how do you feel”Qingling full of worry。
Grin“Nothing,very good”
“Your recovery speed is unprecedented,Just one day,Your body is actually recovered”Wang Yukun looked at Fuming and said,Can’t help but admire
I feel embarrassed“teacher,Don’t praise me,correct,How is Bai Ai”Bai Ai is a worthy opponent。
Wang Yukun shook his head helplessly“He is fine,Just broken weapon,There’s nothing wrong with the body,He doesn’t have such abnormal recovery ability like you,I guess I won’t wake up tomorrow”
Fuming nodded,Suddenly the door was opened,Ren Feng stepped in,Wang Yukun and Qingling Li Le,Hurriedly got up and salute“Elder”
Ren Feng nodded lightly“You go out first,Fuming and I have something to say”
Wang Yukun took Qingling and Li Le out of the room,Waiting outside the room,Ren Feng looked at Fuming who was lying on the bed“how,Don’t know me”