Why is Yu Wenxian not worried that Gao Bao is doing bad things about Turkic Princess??

Because there is a wooden pole Khan, this big god is,Gao Boyi does not dare to make。
Yu Wen, dare to receive A Shizi Zham,On the one hand, it is returned your brother.,on the other hand,Realistic needs with the relationship with Turk。
on the contrary,Because the wooden pole is desirable to support Zhou Guo,So, regardless of Yu Wen, how to abuse A Shi Naz,Wi-sweat will be installed,I don’t even me, send another daughter.。
Qi Guo passed this battle,Has arrived at the point where we want to,Turkic people naturally not raise tiger,And Qi State maintains friendly relations。Imagination,From this year,Qi State’s Qizhou will not be peaceful,Will have been induced by Turk。
No interest, entanglement,Amina Yuz probably lives to be calm。Yu Wenxian’s wisdom,See the fog of my fraud,Give your own wife chose an incredible way。
this era,Treat the enemy’s wife,As long as I am still alive,Will not take these women?。For example, the lady who is solitary is imprisoned by Gao Huan.,Higher ocean imprisonment。Be“Widow harvest”Gao Huan,There is no to do what the lady who is solitary。
And a lot of wife,In addition to a few people,others,Basically, it is a widow of the husband.。
Do this, it is actually practical,Because the rivers and lakes are very large,The circle is very small。The enemy is just temporary,Maybe I can’t be allies or men.。
Even the head boss is not necessarily。
If the enemy is not dead,You insult the wife’s wife,So,Is equal to blocking the road。in history,Afterwards, Guo Wei,In the case of unspeakable,The family is full of the emperor by the Han Dynasty.。
The result is Guo Wei with a soldier horse.,Directly,Teaching is not to be deep。
Gao Boyi is not lacking,As long as he likes,Hint,There will be countless people,I am afraid to have the most beautiful in the family.,Most temperament,The most cultivated woman send it here。
His time management master,All manage!
“Qi Wang Hao?”
“Correct,I am。”
A Shizhazuzi is pregnant,Energy is not very good,I am yawning while talking.。
“Do you want me to send you back??”
Gao Bao is unrestricted。
I heard this,Originally, there is a ruddy A Shizi?mei?pt. of the face.。
“Yu Wenxian is right,You are the most deceitful people in the world。”
Gao Bao shook his head:“Your father is not more。He just did not expect it to defeat such a fault.,It is very good,I also admire very much.。”
Heard this,A Shi Vats is bleak,No, don’t continue to entangle this problem。
The days with Yu Wenxian are very happy,So she almost everyone must forget that they are with“mission”Coming。Now, although I have no half-point gas.,However, the situation actually with his father A Shinan(Wood protection)What you look forward to。
“Right,They come, the security。You have a good rest in Qi Guo,I will not limit your freedom.……Only in Yucheng。Born with your child,I will bring a letter to Yu Wenxica.。This is only。
You will not use you to go to the Wenxian,This is trying。”
Really so good?
A Shiza Tuz is incredible to watch Gao Boyi,I want to find some hidden emotions from this man’s face.。
Prairie convention,Habit,It is deeply related to natural conditions.。
Climate change dramatic,Small population density,Tribe。
Such condition,The interior of the tribe is getting married to become a normal state,My brother is dead.,Nephew give your brother“use”,Captive the enemy’s wife,No matter what else,First said。
Even if I meet later,It’s not particularly care about these breaks.。
This is related to social customs。