It is said that Zhang Cheng’s representative Ding Keyu made a special trip withviviThe manager said hello,LetviviYe Xingkong,But keep your privacy secret,Don’t let outsiders know about the relationship between Ye Xingkong and the Ding family。

viviYe Xingkong was allowed to enter her department,It’s Chen Limu’s greeting,Even if Ding Keyu doesn’t send someone over to say hello,viviAnd treat Ye Xingkong favorably。
Leaders’ preferential treatment to employees,Nothing but spirit、substance、The difference between salary and general employees。viviIs a person with high emotional intelligence,Of course she understood。
With the greeting of Ding and Chen,Ye Xingkong,It’s to please both sides。
Work weekdays, viviYe Xingkong called to the office a few times,Every time Ye Xingkong goes in and outvivioffice,colleagues“Bright”Glance over,Can’t help but cause reverie,The prevailing view is that:This Ye Xingkong is not simple。
viviWhat you want is this effect,Let the employees look at Ye Xingkong,Invisibly lifted Ye Xingkong,At the same time, it gave the trustees Ding and Chen Shihao,And it’s a matter of。
really,How many times the leader calls ordinary employees,Make colleagues dream about。
There were female employees who didn’t look down on Ye Xingkong before,Become attitude360Big turn,Show his courtesy,Among them, Zhang Ying, who is more utilitarian, is extremely courteous to him。
Several employees secretly thought:“Ye Xingkong must have been trained by the senior shareholder’s son。”
Utilitarian thinking makes colleagues talk in secret。
“Anyway, it has nothing to do with T-shaped,Is his last name Ye,Maybe it’s the children of ordinary shareholders。”
“Even the general shareholder family is better than ours,Any shareholder is worth over 100 million。”
“one way or another,Can’t underestimate Ye Xingkong,Otherwise offend people,Don’t know how to offend。”
“or,Your treat tonight,We gather today,By the way, make friends with him who is out of place,What do you guys say?”
I talked every word。
this day,Jadahua’s habitual display,Let Ye Xingkong do the errands,Female colleague Zhang Ying immediately stopped,Knocked on the table and scorned Jadahua:“I said‘Instant noodles’,Ye Xingkong is not uglier than you,Why should I call him,Do it yourself。”
Jia Dahua looked at the lonely Zhang Ying in surprise,Puzzled,Looking around,Look around colleagues,Ready to taunt Zhang Ying,Other colleagues have“Hush~”Is ridiculous,Or Shaoan, not impatient to dissuade。
“I said you are in a hurry,Dare you to love Ye Xingkong?”Jia Dahua teased and talked back。
Zhang Yingsi is unwilling to lose,Dao:“You won’t like me anymore,Otherwise, you care who I like and who I don’t like?”