Provincial Baoda Project Qiqihar Civil Aviation Road Cross-line Bridge Project

Original title: Provincial 100 major project Qihar civil aviation road cross-line bridge engineering warfare early winter Hecheng snow flower, cold, provincial top 100 projects – my country’s largest tonnage in China, large span wide-width concrete continuous box 27500 tons Strip Bridge – Qiqihar Civil Aviation Road Transpiling Bridge Engineering Main Bridge No. 7 and 8 […]

Pubei: Mining Red Resources to create a rural party history learning education base

Guangxi Pubei County is based on red resource endowment, relying on the characteristic red revolutionary resources, through the "three-point" measures to deeply dig the red resources around the people, let red resources become a living materials for rural party members to learn party history, and realize the rural party members Education has positions, there are […]

Shanghai International Trade Single Window Data Processing Size is the world’s largest

Before and after the fourth year, China (Shanghai) International Trade Single Window (hereinafter referred to as "single window") enters the exhibit entry and exit full process of the Expo zone to make the exhibitors clapping: Just one-time fill in need The information declared, and then the background of relevant data is organized and transmitted. The […]

Secretary of the Party Group of Ministry of Transport, Minister Yang Chuantang

Yang Chicang resume in May 1954, Han nationality, Shandong Yucheng, university degree, participated in June 1972. Jinan Military Region Shandong Production and Construction Corps, Huanghe Farm three-seat workers; Shandong Shengli Petrochemical Factory Second Fertilizer Factory, Factory Committee, Secretary of the Party Branch, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Second Fertilizer Factory, Deputy Political Committee; […]

The city of primary and secondary schools in the city is not difficult, no intensity, no state in which no intensity

Original title: On December 13th, the reporter learned from the school body and the education work held by the school in Tianjin, the city’s primary and secondary school sports and health work will focus on the church, hard practice and often Satch (exhibition). The school will "highlight", the course standard "come out", adopt the public […]

The first new sequence national engineering research center list announced

The first batch of new sequence national engineering research centers announced that the two scientific research units in our province have recently, the National Development and Reform Commission announced the first list of national engineering research centers in the new national sequence management, the film of the Dalian Chemical Physics Research Institute of the Chinese […]

The Postal Savings Bank has multiple financial science and technology applications appear to "China New Gold Expo"

From October 28th to October 30, 2021 China (Suzhou) Financial Science and Technology Application Expo was held at Suzhou International Expo Center. China Postal Savings Bank debuted as one of the main exhibitors, showing the application results and style of the financial technology. In this exhibition, the overall style of the Postal Savings Bank exhibition […]