“Fortunately, I am enough,I have long been going to this day.……”

Liao Wenjie wipes the sweat on the brain,Precisely,This hand is【Six days, Yinxiao】Coming,I really want to say,That is also the first one of the great emperors for him.。 In order not to do boss,The first world is also fighting。 Northern six-day palace,The seventy-five drivers of the Nether Nether,Flicker,There is a judge,There are four sings of joys,Six […]

“You are very good,Physical fitness is quite good,There shouldn’t be less energy?”Zefa suddenly smiled。

“Yes,I will exercise my body every day until I’m exhausted,Usually twice a day!” “Oh?Exhausted twice a day?No wonder you have such good physical fitness at such a young age!”Zefa smiled。“It seems that those people didn’t lie to me,There is indeed a young man with great talent,You are eligible to join the elite camp,After the headquarters […]

As soon as these people heard,Sigh,Some are even more flustered,Seems to have had a terrible experience。

What kind of dragons is a dragon?,This made Zhu Minglang rather interested,Even some special hunting monsters、The hunters of the dragon and beast talk about the discoloration of the tiger,How horrible is the lost dragon? “When I went out just now,Just listen to the two brothers and sisters of the Hu family arguing about this。”Fang Niannian […]

Xia Jianyi heard it’s time to eat again,He hurriedly said:“You go back!I took a look and went back,In the afternoon, go to other villages“

“What do you mean?Do you think my food is bad or look down on others?“Chen Xiaolan frowned,Quite majestic。 Xia Jian smiled and said:“You see, every time I come, I have to go to your house to eat,After a long time, it is inevitable that others will speak up,I’m afraid it will affect you“ “You just […]

Wang Youcai took Yao Chunni to the door of the inpatient building,I ran into Li Lanxiang head-on。Her crying eyes are red and swollen,At a glance, it seems to be several years old again。

“What’s wrong with you?”When Yao Chunni saw her mother-in-law Li Lanxiang,Then I felt something was wrong,She asked loudly。 Li Lanxiang glanced at Wang Youcai,He suppressed the grief and said:“Fell from the scaffolding,Not rescued,He has already left” “what!”Yao Chunni listened,Roll your eyes,The whole person fell straight down。Seeing Wang Youcai,Hurried over,Reach out for a hug,He took Yao […]

The deputy said to Li Juyuan。

“Dean Chang,I quit voluntarily……” Li Juyuan has a deep face,The eyes are deep。 He is unwilling! But was recorded by the deputy,He didn’t believe it。 Not good! Furthermore,Director Chang doesn’t expect to reuse him! With Fang Yu,He was deprived of his presence…… After Li Juyuan left angrily。 Dean Chang sighed! originally。 He hoped that Li […]

Carry‘Fire stick’Stand up,Li Tianchou turned his head to look at Gongsan,Found that the other’s face changed slightly,But keep it as natural as possible。He slowly walked a few steps closer,He threw the hatchet in front of Gongsan,“Explain to you。”

The corners of the fat man’s eyes twitched imperceptibly,Then he stood up quickly,Looked at the hatchet on the ground with a dazed look,I stared for a long time before scratching my head.,“what’s the situation,This knife?” “I’m asking you?Didn’t you hold it all the way??” “by,Rust like this?”The fat man leaned over and picked up the […]

Lin Biao:“Drama,Why don’t you go to play??”

He and Blue Xin have greeted,Also turn around。 Blue Xin looked at the window,The weather is fine and good,A Cheng fell to the sea,Seawater is not cold,It should be not good,She murmured:“Aura,A Cheng is still alive,Do you believe?” “Blue。”Ou Jingyi looked helplessly。 Does she still don’t accept reality now?? But very strange,A Cheng’s body has […]

Suddenly I want to laugh while swimming,Want to laugh,A blessing in disguise,It’s really a blessing in disguise!!

Suddenly disappeared after crossing the cloud and thunder,I thought I was taking the auspicious aura here and was not tolerated by heaven,But did not expect,I met such a big baby when I turned my head!! You He doesn’t know why such a person with innate Taoism is here,I didn’t notice it before,I don’t know why […]