“Amitabha,Shaolin Xinyi abbot……Indeed that the old man is shocked!”Watching frowning。

Originally, these old Zen masters,When people in the rivers and lakes,Fundamental inserting no mouth,I don’t want to talk——After all, Kaifeng Daxie Guozi Temple,Today is also in the Qing court,Not talk well。 But the Chu Deirers took the initiative to hand over,The view is to talk about it.…… Not always said,No Zen Heart Buddha,Is it not […]

The look of this grandson,Really funny。Make Ali smile secretly covering her mouth。In order to give Luo a step down, Xia Jian,He hurriedly smiled and said:“Really mean,Came back a bit late,Make everyone hungry,Sit down and eat!”

Xia Jian moved his hand as he spoke。He moved the vinegar to Grandma Luo first,Unexpectedly, Grandma Luo said immediately:“I feel sour if I’m not jealous” “what!What’s going on grandma?Do you have an upset stomach?”Xia Jian quickly asked。 Grandma Luo glanced obliquely at Luo Yi said:“Someone ate the vinegar all morning,I was almost killed,Can you say […]

“Don’t refuse,We don’t go outside,In our villa。My dad invited the famous chef of the hotel,Cook for us。Don’t worry,My parents have avoided,The whole villa is up to us”Gu Yue took a look at Xia Jian,He said with a busy smile。

Xia Fei smiled at Xia Jian and said:“Go!Morning dinner,Singing and dancing in the afternoon,Until twelve o’clock in the evening。Relax,You have to think about Gu Yue” Xia Fei said everything for this purpose,Xia Jian had nothing to say for a while。He thought for a while and said:“Ok!Then relax together” Xia Jianyi agreed,Chen Jing jumped up first,Of […]

“but,If you join forces with a peak Daojun,But it is definitely expected to kill the Great Melobo。as far as I know,Several Chaos Era,He has returned to the chaotic world。”

“today,I just want to ask you,If you become a powerful person on the edge,Have the opportunity and grasp,Take action against Emperor Namelopo。” Li Ming didn’t hesitate,Nod:“Melobo the Great,But the emperor of the eternal race,This is the enemy of my practitioners,If there is a chance,I will kill him!” Li Ming should listen,Wanshan old man is quite […]

Think you know,But don’t actually understand,When the black ball gets bigger and bigger,The green brilliance around Li Tianzhi flickered again,And faster than the first time,In fact, whenever the leaf knife flies out,Pan Mang will have a brief absence,He was scared to the bones of this blasting sword,I hate it in my bones,Three of his heads were cut off by this knife.,There is still a whistling cold wind around the neck,The pain deep into the bone marrow made him unforgettable。

The turbulent flow pulled out by the green is like a faint silk ribbon,Unhappy memories slowed Pan Mang’s reaction,It’s just a little bit insignificantly slowly,It’s too late when the consciousness moves again,The rubble in front of him was blown into the sky with a crash,Black blood spurts like an arrow,This time the blade knife was […]

more importantly,What is Nan Muro’s just said??

Not the identity of yellow word! Combined this Murong Gong’s temperament,Cao Zhengzhen also heard the sound of strings。 Therefore, Cao Zhengqi has no sword.,Instead, and the sound of the words and Murong Jiuhan。 Murong Jiu saw the atmosphere,Alias:“Zhao ignorant,This matter is not only draging、Forced Fuyang,And there are more people who want to be enemy.!I didn’t […]

Zhu Minglang nodded,Actually he had this idea a long time ago,Otherwise, I wouldn’t even go to the Sword Sect of the Yaoshan Mountain。

“Have a father,I’m relieved。Ugh,I thought the family had a huge change,Unable to help themselves,I wanted to come back and revive the family,I seem to worry too much。”Zhu Minglang said。 “Ah,For my father, I knew you were unreliable,Have no choice but to foresight than you。We wish there are not many Dragon Masters,I can’t give you much […]

Even if I have seen a lot of beautiful women,The heart is also invisible, this leg is really long.,The figure is really good,That pair is so beautiful,Li Hui Feng is also full of appreciation,But if you don’t have something else, he feels impossible.。

“Hello,My name is Xia Xue,Can you find a convenient place to talk??” Faced with summer snow and polite,Li Hui also hurriedly held it.。 The smooth feeling of smooth and soft, let Li Xiang feel like a tofu that holds the pan.,It seems to be slightly smileful.。 “My name is Li Hui.,Come with me.,Things in my […]