A few seconds passed,Li Ergou was awakened by the stench on his body,Look at the black layer on the skin,Suddenly understand,Why did Qin Feng take him to the bathroom?,For a time,Don’t know what to do

Cry or laugh。 Half an hour later,Li Ergou’s voice came from the bathroom,Qin Feng sent him the clothes,He walked out after a while,I cleaned the bathroom by the way,This careful,It makes Qin Feng feel quite satisfied。 “All right,I’ll talk to you about other things when I come back,Now your task is to protect Jiang Yan。” […]

Tantai Diabolo watched Zhao Feng approach step by step“correct”,A knowing smile appeared on his face again,Immediately draw out a hollow bamboo arrow,With right index finger、Thumb twist,Arrow head towards the foot of the mountain。

“force,Can be superimposed。”Tantai Diabolo said,Then in Zhao Feng’s surprised eyes,Shoot out the bamboo arrow at your fingertips,The arrow rushes straight out,speed、Strength is not superior,But the trajectory is straight,And until the bamboo arrow disappears in the dark,No wobble、Signs of falling。 This was shot without a bow at all,Zhao Feng hurriedly recalled the details he just saw,And […]

Xin Zhao paused after speaking,To relieve these people,Then continued。

“I finished discussing the career of Brother Monkey,Then let’s take a look at Brother Monkey’s private life。In protecting the earth for so many years,Has Brother Hou ever had a girlfriend?,Ok,Is the object,Can also be called a lady。Brother Monkey Talk?” Monkey King doesn’t need to turn his head,I can feel the name that everyone cast over‘Gossip’’S […]

Uncle Zhi nodded too,Wryly smiled:“Ok。I don’t believe those mainlanders can turn the sky。The media is already helping me,The police went to solicit people。I have evidence,He broke into a private house,Injured several people,unambiguous evidence,Can’t run away!”

“Where’s Zhu Qiuhong??If she stands up to testify,You are not so relaxed, right?”Chai Jinxiong sneered。 He deserves to be an old world,In one sentence,Always focus on the most critical position,Put aside the phenomenon and see the essence。 Uncle Zhi is stagnant,Frowned:“I have sent someone to look for her。She seems to hide,but it does not matter,Hong […]

Under the joint hands of the two sages,Another sneak attack plus pincer attack,He is already very tough to survive,Impossible without paying any price。

Tu Ching’s retreat,Fan Zhu and Hong Tairan fly and pursue at the same time,Obviously to take advantage of his illness,Kill him。 And this chase,The combination of the two cannot be more obvious。 At this moment,There was no time for the audience to make an uproar。 Two Venerable Secret Medicines joined forces to kill another Venerable,Where […]

Tut!Old Chen Nahuo,Obviously came with Hu Yang,But these two days,He never bubbling,Basically just hang out with his confidantes。

Learned,Today, Brother Hu, they are going to Changhua,He just showed up。 I saw his frivolity,Everyone looks like a serious illness。 “Lao Chen,Pay attention to temperance!At this young age,I’m afraid I will be powerless in the future!”Hu Yang advised。 Hua Zai et al,And the audience in the live broadcast room,Can’t help laughing。 Old Chen waved his […]

“In my usual time,When working,Sometimes it’s really too busy,The time to accompany you is really very small,so,I suddenly feel like I owe you a lot。”Xiao Fan said。

“No,I didn’t think so,Moreover,Don’t you have serious things to do?It’s not that you really didn’t stay with me on purpose,I understand,Also understand。”Lin Yoona said very thoughtfully。 “but.but,I always feel that this is too bad for you,look,If I usually,If you have enough company,You won’t be so happy just because of what I just said!”Xiao Fan said。 […]

So-called safety monitoring,It is through some rapid testing methods to confirm that there are no deadly toxins on this letter、Germs or other things that pose a serious threat to human health,Not only the top dignitaries of various countries will use this detection method,It’s even the standard equipment for those wealthy billionaires,Chen Geng is no exception……In case someone is poisoned to death inexplicably,How wrong I have died?

Fast detection,Chen Geng’s security team has experts from the CIA and the FBI,quickly,This letter was sent to Chen Geng,Statham was obviously relieved:“Safety,boss,It seems that the person who sent you the letter did not have much malice。” Isn’t there not much malice?,This letter is not even sealed。 The letter is short,Not even half a page,Chen Geng […]