Can’t you buy fakes??

Yang Zimei has done such a long time for directors at such a low cost,Met such a silly girl,Wang Shuai’s heart ups and downs for a while,Contrast Rose’s shrewdness to seize the opportunity,Compared with Li Xiang’s profit-seeking idea,Yang Zimei is too honest…… Wang Shuai sighed silently,It’s really hard to meet people! then,He thinks it can […]

Looking at the excited three people,Chen Geng smiled slightly,Threw out his own assassin:“Oh,correct,Considering such a huge capacity nationwide,I hope you can delineate an area、Provide corresponding supporting measures and preferential policies to build an automobile industrial park,I will take advantage of my being in America、Relations and connections in Europe,Invitation to include PhD、Denso、Auto industry supporting manufacturers including mainland and other top auto parts giants settled in this industrial park……”

“……” An instant,Jia Yumin、The bosses of Li Changzheng and Secretary Jiang’s eyes are staring:what?And build an automobile industry park?!God,What a good day is today,How come we run into all the good things? Li Changzheng、The reactions of Jia Yumin and Secretary Jiang were caught by Chen Geng.,He smiled and said:“Relying on China’s huge labor cost advantage,Auto […]

I saw Qin Feng,But relieved,“Can’t you make a sound while walking?!Are you trying to scare me to death。”

“Hehe,I will pay attention next time。”Qin Feng touched his nose,Embarrassed,I didn’t mean to be scary,Mainly because I hurried over,This uses a bit of internal force,This natural…… “promise,Give you。”Qin Feng threw the key on the table directly,Said:“Go early and return early!” “Yep,Good。”Qin Feng took it,Sentence:“This is what the wife often says to the husband who goes […]

Yingzi didn’t blank his eyes:“I seem to remember that you came over at noon to make trouble。”

“is it,Brother, i don’t remember。” …… nausea! If not for the scene,She’s already facing the upper corner of her crotch。 Xia Chenglong, who was going to go upstairs, stopped,It seems he is the only one who can solve the problem。 “Lin Laowu,You go quickly,I’ll just call my brother if I don’t leave!” Speaking of Qi […]

“In my hometown Qiaojiabao,This is a very traditional game,It’s impossible for outsiders to know,I believe even you,And Aunt Hanfei for so many years,I’m afraid I don’t know the mystery of willow branches?”

“This.” Rubin is silent,Anji is an authentic American,He really doesn’t know about willow branches。 “What’s the matter with you??Obviously I have experienced all this personally,I saw it with my own eyes,How could it be wrong?”Rubin still refuses。 personal experience?witness? Rubin’s words are like passing current,Make Qiao Tianyu’s body suddenly shake。! what the hell! Isn’t this […]

See things almost,Xiao Fan also said:“It’s okay now,I won’t stay much,Goodbye!”

After speaking, he walked out the door。 Seeing Xiao Fan had already walked out,Xia Qing still stared at the doorway。 Xia’s mother also took her own daughter,Asked teasingly:“This kid looks pretty good。” Xia Qing nodded,Said:“Ok,Really good!” “Since it’s good,You just take the initiative,Try to catch him,I think this man is very good to be my […]

After familiarizing with the basic profile,Start to promote,Set short-term goals and long-term publicity goals,Work pace is very fast。Almost no chance to breathe,Tian Lu interviewed in the morning,In the afternoon, I was on the right track of research work.。

Maybe,Results can only be achieved under a high-intensity work environment,And they are all leaders with deep professional accomplishments,Tian Lu feels an unprecedented hunger for learning and planning knowledge,used to beXtThe skill of network technology work,In Shenglan International Optoelectronics, it is like a three-legged cat Kung Fu,Can’t get on the table。 Even though the job is […]


Although Comrade Ding is in economy class,,But as a diplomat of the country,He has a privilege that is not considered a privilege:If you are taking a domestic flight,Even if you are in economy class,In the case of empty seats in the first class,Can upgrade for free——Comrade Ding spent the economy class money,Only spent less than […]

Maybe others don’t know,But Jiang Yan understands,The grandfather before retirement has an extraordinary share in China。Head of the National Security Bureau。

But it has retired twenty years ago,After all, Jiang Min at that age is actually too weak。 Qin Feng is a disciple taught by Jiang Min over 15 years,Will his character be bad? Jiang Yan, who had been meditating all night, felt,I should have blamed Qin Feng。 So she called the company,Let people understand,I also […]