“I won’t be polite to you anyway,When you need your help,I am definitely looking for you。But now it’s gone,I’m just an ordinary high school student,Don’t want to make life so complicated。”Lu Menglin smiled。

Jiang Jinghong thoughtful,Thinking,So you don’t want life to be too complicated??But think about it, it seems he has some truth,Although I was born in Jiang’s family,,But I’m not happy,At least not as happy as him。 Maybe I think too much,No need to turn him into a caged bird,Let him fly freely,Maybe it will bring more […]

No one thought,Wu Hao would be so stupid that he actively refused to compete for the position of commander of the human race。

When he said this,Even the Emperor Qin from Tie Qin Kingdom,I can’t help but round my eyes,For the first time, I had a somewhat inexplicable affection for Wu Hao’s life。 Incompetent,Probably no one will hate it! but,How could Wu Hao be such a person??This is too suspicious, right?? “Wuhao,Are you sure you will not participate […]

The guard is even more disgusted with this guy,This guy,Are you still thinking about how to make money at this time??The Water of Shaohua is the property of the Old City Lord, right,What does it have to do with you guy,It’s not easy for you, right?!

“Ugh!Tell you this,You guy looks like a guy with a bad brain!” Qi Dongliang is also helpless,Why is this guy so confused?,How can Qi Er suffer?,According to his cultivation base,That means it will be healed in a few days.,I have to want this Shaohua water,Don’t you just embarrass yourself? “This Shaohua Water,Actually it’s not so […]

“I have something to go,See you another day。”Ding Zhentian left these words that seemed to be caring but not caring,Don’t allow Chen Limu to talk,Go out flatly。

Chen Limu, with a blank face left, was sad on the hospital bed。Chen Limu knows,The meaning of what he said,Only responsibility,No love,Talk more,It will only be a quarrel。 Tian Lu and Ye Xingkong sitting not far from the sick door,I vaguely heard two people talking loudly,Like a quarrel,Looking at each other。 Ding Zhentian walked to […]

“Ok……Buy a bag with me later?Ok,correct,I ran out of makeup,Can you give me a set?”Li Xiang mentioned directly,A Bao said disapprovingly:“What do i do!Trivial,no problem!”

———— Chapter One Hundred Sixty Three Inside and outside after an hour,Abao just discovered,He was wrong。 The bag he thought,Is based on the fucking price,He guessed it was better,More than ten times the price,Should be alright? That’s three to four hundred yuan! but……Li Xiang’s bag,Directly broke Abao’s imagination。 Cosmetics too。 Abao can only hope that […]

Thought of here,He nodded:“Well……Also makes sense,Then hold a press conference,Just say that we understand the difficulties of the company,Willing to actively modify the previous conditions,Reduce hourly wage requirements to increase50%,Comprehensive benefits increase30%,Hope to start negotiations with management as soon as possible。”

“Boss wise!” next moment,Flattering。 https: Please remember the domain name of this book:.。Mobile version read URL:m. ———— First519chapter Go to Mexico Also until this time,The media、Including the enthusiastic people who eat melons, they suddenly reacted:Yes indeed,This matter is already so big,can be used asAMCThe boss,How did Fernandez from the beginning·Chen didn’t show up much?What is […]

Zong Xueqin sneered,How could this simple measurement fool her?

“rest assured,I won’t kill you,Because I want you to watch Xia Chenglong come back,Then kneeling in front of me begging for mercy,But you still have some abilities,I’m not at ease just letting you stay。” After the woman finished speaking,The scary red energy went towards the old man’s body,Two forces collide at this moment,Then there is […]

Thought of here,I want to walk in when I raise my leg。

“Situ Yan, right??”An arrogant voice came。 Stop,Looked back,I saw Wang Zhenjie standing there a little arrogantly,The iconic sneer on the face,Some eyes are not polite at all, looking back and forth on themselves。 I hate this look the most on weekdays,Frowned calmly,Did not speak。 Maybe the two people’s looks are too high,That Wang Zhenjie hasn’t […]