The long-haired man and yellow hair were also taken aback,I am a little confused about what kind of medicine is sold in the gourd of this pretty boy。

Bad comer,The good will not come! Huang Mao moved inward subconsciously,Don’t want to get too close to someone。 “Who are you?”Long-haired man looks bad,Frowned。 The girl squeezed in the corner quietly raised her head,Curiously looking at this guy who appeared suddenly。 Lu Menglin really doesn’t look aggressive,Gentle and gentle,The body is not the kind of […]

Looking at the beautiful people on the street,Humming old songs,Facing the setting sun,Lu Menglin slowly returned to the street where the Hill Hotel was located。

On the street opposite the entrance of Hill Hotel,There is a silver Maserati supercar parked in the shade。 The color of this car is beautiful,The streamlined body is like an elf in the form of a bird,Full of smart design。 Across the road,Lu Menglin saw this supercar at a glance,Because it is so dazzling,This classic […]

Turn around and walk away。

The male colleague is still a little confused,I went back to my department to find out,I just learned the ins and outs of the matter。 It seems that I only took two days off,Such a shocking event happened in the company。 It seems that you should pay more attention to your own words and affairs。 […]

Although the first possible probability is not low,But there is a premise that the three companies must first negotiate,Decide to go forward and retreat in unison,But according to my own understanding,There is no blood relationship between the bosses of these three companies,2. There is no interest,It’s almost the same if there is conflict of interest,Can agree on this matter?Possibility is too low;

Second point,Seems to make sense,But Fernandez has only entered this industry.2Months,How could someone in a situation where they could not hear the wind,Open up the relationship between three scrapped car dismantling companies at once?Not very reliable; Count to count,Only the third one is the most likely,Don’t say that the non-my race must have different hearts,Just […]

Abao looked at Xiaocui’s spring breeze proudly,Just like seeing pierced ears,Laughed unbearably:“What are you doing with your pierced ears??Follow him to get fucked by a man?”

“What are you talking about!”Xiaocui is very annoyed,I knew that Abao and pierced ears were enemies,She didn’t bother to talk to Abao,But such an inexplicable attack,She had to be annoyed。 Those two who are expecting pierced ears will make money on the boat in the future,Suddenly angry:“Leopard Million, don’t make too much of it!Don’t blame […]

First672chapter Shameless blackmail

Ralph·The moment Sir Robbins spoke,Chen Geng imagined Ralph·Various conditions that Sir Robbins might propose,But I didn’t expect that the conditions he proposed were actually like this,So much so that after listening to Ralph·Robbins request,Chen Geng’s shocked mouth couldn’t close…… “Jazz,What are you kidding?!”Chen Geng’s eyes widened,Looking at Ralph in surprise·Robbins:“RB211Doesn’t make any sense to me,Why […]


———— First670chapter for safety For my boss intends to cooperate with Philips Group to develop a new generationECU、TCUAnd the idea of a body bus system,Jack·Welch has no opinion,althoughAMCIndependent research and developmentECU、TCUAnd plans for body bus technology have been pushing for some time,But if you just talk about the level of machinery,AMCReally not afraid of anyone,Can […]

For example, after five days of competition,Everyone is almost approaching the center of the Star Dou Forest,The number of crystal nuclei in their hands is enough to enter the next round of competition。

Between a few low mountains,Just a few roads converge right in front of you,Finally leads to the center of the star forest。 As the distance gradually shows purple light,The unique coolness of the morning makes it quite quiet here,Today is the sixth day of the specified time,and,As the conference progresses,It’s almost the end。 This is […]