“What do you mean?Did not understand。”Zhou Nan surprised,“If people can’t catch,How can the work be completed?”

“Take a look,Are you confused again??Who told you that arresting people and finishing work are the same thing?You have been my http://www.castcollege.cn leader for more than a year,Tut。”Liu Qiang looked sorry。 ———— Chapter 297 Jump the river Li Tianchou galloped north along the provincial highway,speedy,He is in a hurry,Rush to the Xianghe Bridge not far […]

The ringtone ringing,Liao Wenjie raises his hand to answer,Each of Dream Right complained。

“jerk,Where are you?,I am waiting for a long time.!” “Situation is a bit complicated,The phone is not clear,You don’t have an explanation,constipate,Waiting for for five minutes,I am fine http://www.rk-coder.cn right away.。” “Men’s efforts to sprinkle can steal,What’s more, constipation。”Dream Right answered this answer is very unsatisfactory,Think that Liao Wenjie is in the bathroom to engage […]