“You are fine.。”

Williams put it down in summer,Faint。 “Wow……”Williams mouth spurting a big blood,Face is pale。 He shook his head,Wipe to the mouth of the mouth,“Nothing,Just suffered a little slightly http://www.ljyg0591.cn injury,Are you?。” “I am fine.。” Summer facial expression,Looking at the waste factory,“Have you been chasing the secret before you??” “Not。” Williams shook again,Feeling in your eyes,“I […]

The huge city below,Give him a bit familiar feeling。

City’s pattern,Block layout,Architecture style,And the prostitute……Some seem to have met。 Half half,Summer is determined。 The god city of this giant city and Shenpu,Extremely similar。 Just like a set of mold sets down。 The only difference,This is the giant city,More than Shencheng,Also wide。 Surven many mountains have been included in。 “Trinity of the Temple,I am afraid […]

“This is the guy’s statement.,Do you trust him so??”Know the law:“do not forget,He fell into the quantum,I don’t know which world blister is coming.。”

“This don’t worry about it.,Han Rong has sufficient experience to deal with the situation of the quantum。” “Then you know your spirit is broken.?”Know the law:“Incense,Shenzhou mainland many murderous beasts,It was attacked by the seven small babers.,You have used it too many feather dust,I have consumed http://www.jinmawl.cn too much spiritual power,If I die,You have to […]


“Army,I think,Still want to play a play in Jeju”lt;/Pgt; lt;/Pgt; “acting?”lt;/Pgt; lt;/Pgt; “Um,Your hand, the three thousand bidward guards,Xi Wei is definitely staring at。They will definitely figure out where the army is in the first time.。lt;/Pgt; lt;/Pgt; so what,We are going to play a play,Let the Su Gu Jun have turned。”lt;/Pgt; lt;/Pgt; http://www.aukma.cn Such?lt;/Pgt; lt;/Pgt; […]

Jiogang in the morning,A palm of Yunqin’s hand,Plevened Yunqin。

“OK!I’d like to see,What can you say?!” Opposite to the audience,Endless, Yan Xi, is the interaction of the two.,Slight smile,road:“Self-introduction,Miss Marka,I am Hui Xisheng。” Yan Xisheng?! Yun Qin’s heart is horrified,Face is not displayed on the surface。 Pavilion turns a circle,Can’t think of,The father of the mountains and mountains actually still,only,The mother is replaced by […]

Zheng Yuki stands quietly next to them.——序 is a clear self in her eyes.,Look at the turnover and‘Own’Intimate action, she is inevitable, there is http://www.haahotel.cn a strange feeling.。

But she did not show it out。 At this time, the blind phone rang.,She said that she said to her mobile phone.:“Unfortunately,I just went downstairs to take the express.,You put your door.。” “thank you。” hang up the phone,She said to the two:“I gave a clear and point for takeaway to,I am looking for a place […]

Lu Haokai saw Mu Zizi’s full smile,Heartbreak,Have a bad premonition。

To know,Ou Jing, this person,Although it is a poisonous tongue,But do things,Very sure。 Unahable things,He will not easily say。 Lu Jian’s anger:“live streaming,What live broadcast?Muzi,What trick you want to play again??” Lu Wei now only wants to discuss a fair for his grandson.,other things,He didn’t think about it。 Muzi’s mouth is slightly rising,But did not […]

Gao Rui said his question,This is actually a place in Yang Yu’s heart.。

“I can not know what you said.。I want to ask you.,If there is one day,The Changshan King and Chang Guang Wang are in the http://www.mychalk.cn city,Pull you,How will you?” Yang Wei is already so straightforward,There is no room for returning anywhere.。 “Yan Yan brother,Your question,I don’t answer first.。I just want to ask you.,if,I am saying […]

“Um!You don’t worry about it.,Go back。”Lu Haocheng waved his hand。

The right chapter is too dark,He always feels like being caught.,Unfortunately,Who told him just an assistant?。 Laughing smiles,But let him dream, did not think of this belief.,One is a lifetime。 Lu Haocheng looked at the mask between Blue Xin,There is still five minutes.,He smiled shallow lips,This little girl,Go to work with her,Really thieves。 “Continental。”Gentle sound,Then, […]