It’s almost noon when Wang Youcai returned to the small clinic。He Jing went out to eat alone,And Doctor Lu took his pork knuckles back home,In the clinic, only Julan is grabbing Chinese medicine for a patient。

“Why are you back again?” Julan crawling with medicine,I asked Wang Youcai aside。 Wang Youcai smiled and said:“This bastard did something abnormal this morning,I can’t have to guard,In case he does something wrong again,But it’s not good for us here!” After Julan waited for a patient who grabbed the medicine and left,She laughed and said:“Their […]

“Sweet,Do you do this is something wrong?,You see him all lose。”

“Um? Why is it bad?? Lister,You will be with Xia Ling to be with him before.?” Willow sweetness,Xu Ruzhen also watched the past。 Zhao Xiaoli looked at each other with Zhao Xiaoling,Especially Zhao Xiaoling’s face is shameless, I don’t know how to answer.。 “Bamboo,This is another two times.,After all, you also know that someone really […]

Zhu Minglang nodded,Actually he had this idea a long time ago,Otherwise, I wouldn’t even go to the Sword Sect of the Yaoshan Mountain。

“Have a father,I’m relieved。Ugh,I thought the family had a huge change,Unable to help themselves,I wanted to come back and revive the family,I seem to worry too much。”Zhu Minglang said。 “Ah,For my father, I knew you were unreliable,Have no choice but to foresight than you。We wish there are not many Dragon Masters,I can’t give you much […]

Red eye convinced,Xu Tian,He is not just a sudden breakup that is rare in a century,Even if you use other positions and occupations,Also a terrifying talented player。

“Don’t be surprised,The reason why Ah Tian can grasp the damage and distance of all ammunition,Can’t do without my careful teaching last night……if it is possible,Do you want to try?”Gandhi issued a special training invitation to Red Eye。 An incarnation of Gandhi appeared in the red eye’s mind immediately“Bomb mad”Continuous bombing,The flesh and blood that […]

Xin Zhao paused after speaking,To relieve these people,Then continued。

“I finished discussing the career of Brother Monkey,Then let’s take a look at Brother Monkey’s private life。In protecting the earth for so many years,Has Brother Hou ever had a girlfriend?,Ok,Is the object,Can also be called a lady。Brother Monkey Talk?” Monkey King doesn’t need to turn his head,I can feel the name that everyone cast over‘Gossip’’S […]

No one thought,Wu Hao would be so stupid that he actively refused to compete for the position of commander of the human race。

When he said this,Even the Emperor Qin from Tie Qin Kingdom,I can’t help but round my eyes,For the first time, I had a somewhat inexplicable affection for Wu Hao’s life。 Incompetent,Probably no one will hate it! but,How could Wu Hao be such a person??This is too suspicious, right?? “Wuhao,Are you sure you will not participate […]

“Just like Zhang Chulan’s group members,I remember that Zhang Chulan and you are both princes of the Great Qin Dynasty?Today’s members of Zhang Chulan’s group are expanding their territory for the Great Qin Dynasty。”

“I believe that the members of the Yingzheng group are generous,As long as the members of Zhang Chulan’s group have high credit,Yingzheng group members will definitely help Zhang Chulan group members to advance to Tier 4。” Jingtian looked at Yue Buqun in front of him,Curiously said,He remembers that Yue Buqun and Zhang Chulan were both […]

“See,《Westward Journey》Spring Thirty Mother,I recognize。”Lu Menglin nodded and said。

“You can see this in the mainland too?”Zhou Min asked casually,I got a little gaffe immediately。 “Ok,Can be seen。I saw it years ago,Well acted。”Lu Menglin said honestly。 The two women couldn’t help but glance at each other,I looked a little surprised in each other’s eyes。 Because the boy’s answer is too calm,It’s not like you […]

Abao looked at Xiaocui’s spring breeze proudly,Just like seeing pierced ears,Laughed unbearably:“What are you doing with your pierced ears??Follow him to get fucked by a man?”

“What are you talking about!”Xiaocui is very annoyed,I knew that Abao and pierced ears were enemies,She didn’t bother to talk to Abao,But such an inexplicable attack,She had to be annoyed。 Those two who are expecting pierced ears will make money on the boat in the future,Suddenly angry:“Leopard Million, don’t make too much of it!Don’t blame […]

Rongsheng Development (002146): Steady operation, guaranteed growth, growth leverage, reduced release risk

Rongsheng Development (002146): Steady operation, guaranteed growth, growth leverage, reduced release risk In the event of 2019, the company achieved operating income of 709.500 million, net profit attributable to owners of the parent company.0 million yuan, an increase of 25 over the same period last year.9%, 20.3%. Core point of view Performance continued to grow […]