6 cases in Wuhou District, Chengdu, selected "Structural Reform of Supply Side Structure Reform Chengdu Practice and Thinking"

  Xinhuanet Chengdu May 22nd (Liu Qing, Wang Jianbing) develop a new economy and cultivate new kinetic energy. Recently, the six cases in Wuhou District, Chengdu were encapsulated into the Chengdu Municipal Committee Propaganda Department, and the Municipal Development and Reform Commission published a book, which promoted the economic high quality development in the district. One […]

Cultural Sharing Volunteer Warm City (constructing a higher level of civilized cities)

  "Cultural auditorium carnival activities are more than 3 months, there are drama, dance performances, balls, chess competitions, and gold medal hunting contests, mobile phone photography contests, type is too rich!" In Taizhou Road, Taizhou, Zhejiang Province Xiaowu, Zhun Town, said that the new cultural auditorium in the village, the villagers smiled … this investment of […]

Beijing Yanqing harvested 8 cultural integration development projects at this session

People’s Network Beijing September 7 (Yin Xingyun) On September 6th, in the 2021 International Service Trade Trading Association Services Forum Activity – At the 8th Beijing Cultural Integration Development Project Cooperation Profile, Beijing Yanqing The district has completed 8 project centralized contracts, and the total intention to sign a result of 100 million yuan, and […]

Brazil will realize the participating projects and athletes in the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Xinhua News Agency, June 22: Brazil will realize the participating projects and athletes in Beijing Winter Olympics, the new China reporter Zhao Wei Chen Weica mentioned Brazil, most people will think of the sun beach, Brazilian people should naturally should naturally It is suitable for tropics. In addition to football, volleyball tradition, beach volleyball, surfing […]

The "National Business Card" on the blue sky – 25-year-old Air Show witnesses the rise of China’s aerospace

  Xinhua News Agency, October 1st: The "National Business Card" on the Blue Sky – 25-year-old Air Show witnesses the China Aerospace’s rising Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Haoming, Hu Wei, Hong Zehua 1st, the 13th China International Airlines The Aerospace Expo ushered in a three-day public day. At the Zhuhai International Air Show Center, the […]

The province consolidates the expansion of the poverty to the poverty achievement promotion meeting to hold the strengthening industry revitalization to hand over the hard answer roll building, Yunsheng attended and speech Wang Kai attended

  The province’s consolidation expansion of the poverty-stricken results promotion meeting held the strengthening industry revitalization and handed over the hard answer roll building, Yangsheng attended and speech Wang Kai Attended November 15th, the province consolidated the expansion of the poverty campaign promotion meeting, and the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping is important. Instructions […]