One person against twelve,Big tone,But Gu Changfeng and others like to listen,The time spent with Li Tianchou is not short,Knowing that this kid always has unexpected opportunities and amazing performances,If you add other puppets that he hides deeply,Shouldn’t be bragging。

“Are you sure to minimize the negative impact。” “This is hard to control,The people will not be deceived unless they know the truth。”Li Tianchou shook his head repeatedly,Gu Changfeng knew that this request was too much,Had no choice but to stop talking。 “and also,Can the dozens of miles of tidal flats east of Tutai Village […]

Perception is a very strange thing,When all the evil spirits looked up and glared,Li Tianzhen naturally stopped picking,On other people’s turf,It seems a bit too much,But he is holding five or six yuan‘sapphire’,Neither cover up,Not embarrassed,After drifting excitedly,towards‘Creation’Tao,“first meet,I’m sorry,Can you keep a memorial?”

“This thing doesn’t belong to you,Not even mine,let it go,Talk about business。”‘Creation’’S voice is a bit hard,I can hear you really trying to control your emotions,And other evil spirits left their seats,Hula, surround Li Tianzhen in the center。 “It’s not yours?Speak out who believes?”Li Tianzhen holding a sapphire,Place it on the eye socket and observe […]

Ma Binghao is basically out of breath now,Low air intake,So the motion range of kicking back and forth with two legs is also much smaller。

Lan Yingying stared with big eyes,I couldn’t believe what happened before me,The uselessness in their mouth is so terrible,Is he really human? I was able to lift my husband directly without any effort,And it’s not flushing or breathing。 Xiao Fan at this time,In Lan Yingying’s eyes,Like a messenger from hell,And my side is full of […]

“gold,Does the stock make money without losing money??”Qiangwei is obviously worried about her 30,000 yuan,Chen Wenjin said:“of course not。”

“that、How can you always make money?”Qiangwei obviously doesn’t understand stock matters,No basic concepts,But dare to take the money to enter and fight,Also very bold。 “May lose at any time,There is no reason to ensure a certain profit。”What Chen Wenjin said was actually true,Abao said:“You don’t understand the stock,Don’t care about anything anyway,Just hand it to […]

First672chapter Shameless blackmail

Ralph·The moment Sir Robbins spoke,Chen Geng imagined Ralph·Various conditions that Sir Robbins might propose,But I didn’t expect that the conditions he proposed were actually like this,So much so that after listening to Ralph·Robbins request,Chen Geng’s shocked mouth couldn’t close…… “Jazz,What are you kidding?!”Chen Geng’s eyes widened,Looking at Ralph in surprise·Robbins:“RB211Doesn’t make any sense to me,Why […]

“It’s Qiangwei!”When I see a figure not far away,Ge Xiaolun’s eyes lit up suddenly,Then quickly walked over。

“Hey,So dangerous there,What did you do in the past!”Seeing Ge Xiaolun walk over,Xin Zhao at the back was dumbfounded,Just look at the blade,His legs are shaking。 “I’ll help。”Ge Xiaolun said without turning his head,I don’t know if I can help in the past。 “……”Xin Zhao is speechless,Then he looked at another newly recognized roommate beside […]

Zhangjiagang Bank (002839) 2019 Annual Results Express Comment: Steady Growth in Net Profits and Optimization of Asset-Liability Structure

Zhangjiagang Bank (002839) 2019 Annual Results Express Comment: Steady Growth in Net Profits and Optimization of Asset-Liability Structure Zhangjiagang Bank disclosed its 2019 performance report 2019 to realize net profit attributable to mothers9. 52 ppm, an increase of 14 years. 0%; Realize basic income of 0 in 2019. 53 yuan, an annual increase of 15. […]