Five Centimeters of Spirit Tribulation,Legend has it that the fifth stage did not even realize the spirit master back then。

And the third,It’s already necessary to transform the spirit to practice。High threshold,Power also hit,Once trained,The invisible force formed by the burst of will,Enough to suppress normal volitional saints。 On the continent of origin,Some chaotic masters who are not strong in will can suffer big losses。 With this trick,Li Ming directly used this trick when he […]

Think you know,But don’t actually understand,When the black ball gets bigger and bigger,The green brilliance around Li Tianzhi flickered again,And faster than the first time,In fact, whenever the leaf knife flies out,Pan Mang will have a brief absence,He was scared to the bones of this blasting sword,I hate it in my bones,Three of his heads were cut off by this knife.,There is still a whistling cold wind around the neck,The pain deep into the bone marrow made him unforgettable。

The turbulent flow pulled out by the green is like a faint silk ribbon,Unhappy memories slowed Pan Mang’s reaction,It’s just a little bit insignificantly slowly,It’s too late when the consciousness moves again,The rubble in front of him was blown into the sky with a crash,Black blood spurts like an arrow,This time the blade knife was […]

“It is the source of the Japanese concession!”Tie Tiecheng and Su Wenqian said,

“Before you killed more than 20 concessions,Tomorrow, we have killed all the dedications of the source of the source.!Especially in the well, Japan must die!” “Yes!Is there a action plan??” “Wait!”Zheng Yao first listened to the rituit:“I said why your kid doesn’t take us.!” “Our four people should be enough.!”Ritual, “Chief,There are at least forty […]

Yingzi didn’t blank his eyes:“I seem to remember that you came over at noon to make trouble。”

“is it,Brother, i don’t remember。” …… nausea! If not for the scene,She’s already facing the upper corner of her crotch。 Xia Chenglong, who was going to go upstairs, stopped,It seems he is the only one who can solve the problem。 “Lin Laowu,You go quickly,I’ll just call my brother if I don’t leave!” Speaking of Qi […]

“In my hometown Qiaojiabao,This is a very traditional game,It’s impossible for outsiders to know,I believe even you,And Aunt Hanfei for so many years,I’m afraid I don’t know the mystery of willow branches?”

“This.” Rubin is silent,Anji is an authentic American,He really doesn’t know about willow branches。 “What’s the matter with you??Obviously I have experienced all this personally,I saw it with my own eyes,How could it be wrong?”Rubin still refuses。 personal experience?witness? Rubin’s words are like passing current,Make Qiao Tianyu’s body suddenly shake。! what the hell! Isn’t this […]

Mr. Zheng’s remarks haven’t finished yet,The ears of the people around you are already standing up。

In fact, although COMAC has been established for several years,But Chen Geng never choseF100Production site。 In the beginning,No one thinks this is a problem,Everyone thinks that Chen Geng will definitely locate the factory in Bingcheng,But with Chen Geng for so long“Stand still”,Many smart people are gradually recalling:seem……The situation is not what everyone thinks?Hafei may not […]

Turn around and walk away。

The male colleague is still a little confused,I went back to my department to find out,I just learned the ins and outs of the matter。 It seems that I only took two days off,Such a shocking event happened in the company。 It seems that you should pay more attention to your own words and affairs。 […]

Zhaoyan New Drugs for Serialization of Pharmaceutical Outsourcing Industry (603127): Looking at Zhaoyan New Drugs Business Development Path from the First Overseas Acquisition

Zhaoyan New Drugs for Serialization of Pharmaceutical Outsourcing Industry (603127): Looking at Zhaoyan New Drugs Business Development Path from the First Overseas Acquisition Report Summary: The first overseas acquisition of CRO by Anping revealed what industry path interpretation? Significance of the first overseas acquisition: to enhance brand power and lay a solid foundation for the […]