Soon after,Because of the scorching sun Jinzhu and the little fire dragon,Teenagers hardly need to spend time searching,Can determine the exact location of the torch,On the high mountain north of the island,Brightly lit there,It must be the big account of the coalition army。

The boy quickly climbed to the middle of the mountain,Overlooking the flat land,Densely packed are all camp tents,Flag flower,Various,You can see the camp from time to time on the gentle slope here,God will come and go at any time,So I dare not get too close to the top of the mountain。 Found a remote camp,Observe […]

The big world,It’s so surprising,Xia Jian was puzzled,Why is he inseparable from the thief??Even if it’s a chance encounter on the train,So here it is?Still the same group,There is such a coincidence in the world?But the truth is here,He had to believe。

Talking late,That is fast,The old cat has made a series of moves,Fortunately, Xia Jian is good at it,If this is a normal person,I have to call the old cat torn。 Bulk goods and second goods,Seeing the old cat for a long time,Secretly took the blade out of the pocket,Outflanked on both sides,For a time,Xia Jian […]

Even if I have seen a lot of beautiful women,The heart is also invisible, this leg is really long.,The figure is really good,That pair is so beautiful,Li Hui Feng is also full of appreciation,But if you don’t have something else, he feels impossible.。

“Hello,My name is Xia Xue,Can you find a convenient place to talk??” Faced with summer snow and polite,Li Hui also hurriedly held it.。 The smooth feeling of smooth and soft, let Li Xiang feel like a tofu that holds the pan.,It seems to be slightly smileful.。 “My name is Li Hui.,Come with me.,Things in my […]

Xia Jian drove the car,Thinking of the scene just now,My heart is like knocking over a bottle of five flavors。

Back to the villa,Xia Jian originally thought he would sleep peacefully,I didn’t expect him to lose sleep。Tossing around until two o’clock,He couldn’t sleep so he made a video to Wang Lin。 I didn’t expect Wang Lin was at work,She saw Xia Jian sleeping in her bed,This makes this woman so happy。Two people chat for more […]

Can’t you buy fakes??

Yang Zimei has done such a long time for directors at such a low cost,Met such a silly girl,Wang Shuai’s heart ups and downs for a while,Contrast Rose’s shrewdness to seize the opportunity,Compared with Li Xiang’s profit-seeking idea,Yang Zimei is too honest…… Wang Shuai sighed silently,It’s really hard to meet people! then,He thinks it can […]

After familiarizing with the basic profile,Start to promote,Set short-term goals and long-term publicity goals,Work pace is very fast。Almost no chance to breathe,Tian Lu interviewed in the morning,In the afternoon, I was on the right track of research work.。

Maybe,Results can only be achieved under a high-intensity work environment,And they are all leaders with deep professional accomplishments,Tian Lu feels an unprecedented hunger for learning and planning knowledge,used to beXtThe skill of network technology work,In Shenglan International Optoelectronics, it is like a three-legged cat Kung Fu,Can’t get on the table。 Even though the job is […]

Tut!Old Chen Nahuo,Obviously came with Hu Yang,But these two days,He never bubbling,Basically just hang out with his confidantes。

Learned,Today, Brother Hu, they are going to Changhua,He just showed up。 I saw his frivolity,Everyone looks like a serious illness。 “Lao Chen,Pay attention to temperance!At this young age,I’m afraid I will be powerless in the future!”Hu Yang advised。 Hua Zai et al,And the audience in the live broadcast room,Can’t help laughing。 Old Chen waved his […]

Wait for the two sides to stand apart,You can clearly see the footprint on the chest,But with the existence of the aura,slowly disappear。

“My promise to you still exists,Give up the opportunity to attack。You can go back safely。”Xia Chenglong has already spoken to the face。 “just you?” Ma Teng sneered,Want him to be a deserter? “Long Xia Chen,Do you think besides speed,You can beat me elsewhere?” …… Stubborn! Since I want to play with him,Then play to the […]

After explaining the importance of the Chinese government to the passenger car business,Hu Liang changed the topic,Finally explained his intention:“But you know Mr. Chen,Our country’s technical strength in engines is relatively weak,And youramcIs one of the largest automotive industry groups in the world,So can you transfer part of the engine manufacturing and patented technology to us?

Ok,If you can,We very much hope to be able to obtainamcGuidance。” Said so much,It turns out that Hu Liang and the Chinese government’s goal is here! Chen Geng did not directly answer Hu Liang’s question,But to say:“I can understand your mood,But the automobile industrial park base we cooperated with has not been fully completed yet,Consider […]