Chen Jiayuan, plaatsvervangend directeur van de afdeling Safety Supervision van het Ministerie van Transport, Afdeling Veiligheid en Quality Supervision and Administration, ontving een beoordelingsenquête

Volgens het ministerie van Centrale Commissie voor Discipline-inspectie, het Ministerie van Commissie voor Discipline Inspectie en Commissie, het Ministerie van Commissie voor Discipline Inspectie en Commissie, de Yunnan Provinciale Commissie voor Discipline Inspectie en Commissie: Chen Jiayuan, adjunct-directeur van de Safety Supervision Afdeling van het ministerie van vervoer, wordt vermoed van ernstige schending van de […]

Our province requires insurance role to do a good job in agricultural disaster relief

Our province demanded an insurance role to do a good job in agricultural disaster relief and resection and rescue, the farmers’ income, and the province deploy agricultural disaster relief work, clarifying that insurance institutions should check the legal claims in time, guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of investment, and effectively reduce the damage of […]

Struggling a hundred years Road to set sail new journey · The spiritual spectrum of the Chinese Communist Party is built in the new era of the steel Great Wall – the spirit of the troops

  Xinhua News Agency, Urumqi, August 11th: Steel Great Wall in the New Times and Silent Silent Silk Great Wall – The Spirit of the Corps Xinhua News Agency Pan Ying, He Jun "One singing the rooster and the world, the Wanfang music is in. "Before 71 years ago, Mao Zedong wrote a poem. In October […]

Passing the spirit of learning central economic work conferences research deployed urban gas safety

  On 13 December, the government held a standing meeting to convey the spirit of studying the spirit of the central economic work conference and the spirit of the Standing Committee of the Autonomous Region, and arranged the implementation and implementation of the implementation of urban gas safety investigation, accelerating the development of new energy storage. […]

Shanghai International Trade Single Window Data Processing Size is the world’s largest

Before and after the fourth year, China (Shanghai) International Trade Single Window (hereinafter referred to as "single window") enters the exhibit entry and exit full process of the Expo zone to make the exhibitors clapping: Just one-time fill in need The information declared, and then the background of relevant data is organized and transmitted. The […]