“See him in justice,Then the identity of the intelligence vendor!But no matter what,I need a cover identity.,So I plan to open a store!”

“What business are you planning to open??” “pharmacy!Open pharmacies have great benefits to our future,Because once the war,Pharmaceutical is the first to become a military control material,I have opened a pharmacy in the Japanese, I can raise medicines for us.!” Ouyang Tou listened to the past:“What you think is really long!I’m with you!Justice my family […]

Secretary Wang glanced at Xia Jian and said:“Let’s go eat!If it’s late, there will be no food in the cafeteria”

“Don’t talk about eating,I’m still a little worried,For the entire town of Pingyang,Will there be people who can’t eat like this??”Xia Jian asked worriedly。 Secretary Wang thought for a while and said:“How about this!Leave it to me!I will call each village to inquire,If not better,In case,Let’s solve it all at once this time” “it is […]

Chen Xiu can see clearly behind the wooden plaque,But it turned out that Li Haihu walked around behind Li Hailong with a strange posture,After Li Hailong turns around,He didn’t directly launch the hidden weapon,Instead, first throwing a handful of poison powder to block Li Hailong’s sight is to inspire the silver needle to shoot into Li Hailong’s eyes。

Li Hailong’s crazy scream,Li Haihu is standing aside,Just smile。Chinese under the pen I only heard Li Hailong yelling again:“Old Six,You traitor,Someone came over to fight to the death,Dodgy,Really shameless villain!you……come here,Come and call!” Li Haihu walked over slowly,Said:“Big brother,You are disabled,I won’t come to share your knowledge。At this moment,You still want to compete with me […]

“but,If you join forces with a peak Daojun,But it is definitely expected to kill the Great Melobo。as far as I know,Several Chaos Era,He has returned to the chaotic world。”

“today,I just want to ask you,If you become a powerful person on the edge,Have the opportunity and grasp,Take action against Emperor Namelopo。” Li Ming didn’t hesitate,Nod:“Melobo the Great,But the emperor of the eternal race,This is the enemy of my practitioners,If there is a chance,I will kill him!” Li Ming should listen,Wanshan old man is quite […]

“No need,I got a lawyer!You just need to provide the secret recipe,We divide!how is it……Then you can receive a fixed income!

Simultaneously,Your ointment can also benefit many people!” Hu Yili said deeply。 “You seem confident!” Fang Yu stared at Hu Yili,Cold voice。 “I admit,I am selfish……But you can’t just let your money go?You return to the People’s Hospital now,Income is partly fixed! But it’s impossible to have rich people waiting for your treatment every day! Your […]

I saw Qin Feng,But relieved,“Can’t you make a sound while walking?!Are you trying to scare me to death。”

“Hehe,I will pay attention next time。”Qin Feng touched his nose,Embarrassed,I didn’t mean to be scary,Mainly because I hurried over,This uses a bit of internal force,This natural…… “promise,Give you。”Qin Feng threw the key on the table directly,Said:“Go early and return early!” “Yep,Good。”Qin Feng took it,Sentence:“This is what the wife often says to the husband who goes […]

Uncle Zhi nodded too,Wryly smiled:“Ok。I don’t believe those mainlanders can turn the sky。The media is already helping me,The police went to solicit people。I have evidence,He broke into a private house,Injured several people,unambiguous evidence,Can’t run away!”

“Where’s Zhu Qiuhong??If she stands up to testify,You are not so relaxed, right?”Chai Jinxiong sneered。 He deserves to be an old world,In one sentence,Always focus on the most critical position,Put aside the phenomenon and see the essence。 Uncle Zhi is stagnant,Frowned:“I have sent someone to look for her。She seems to hide,but it does not matter,Hong […]

“I have something to go,See you another day。”Ding Zhentian left these words that seemed to be caring but not caring,Don’t allow Chen Limu to talk,Go out flatly。

Chen Limu, with a blank face left, was sad on the hospital bed。Chen Limu knows,The meaning of what he said,Only responsibility,No love,Talk more,It will only be a quarrel。 Tian Lu and Ye Xingkong sitting not far from the sick door,I vaguely heard two people talking loudly,Like a quarrel,Looking at each other。 Ding Zhentian walked to […]

“……Wang Shuai said Chen Wenjin was fighting a group in Qinghe,It’s Xiao Wang?”The tank feels incredible。

“He was drunk,Bad street,I took advantage,Knocked him down with one blow,No head-to-head。”Chen Wenjin explained,To dispel the shock of the tank,Got out of the car immediately,Locked the car door and said:“Let’s go。” Chen Wenjin did come this way,When Sister Huo left Qinghe before,,This is the way to go。 Even Chen Wenjin was very suspicious,Maybe Wang Shuai […]