“You can still fight。。。I was knocked out!”William Saint Magister also smiled bitterly。

“No wonder he has the ability to subdue the sanctuary black dragon,Really not weak。” “Hey,If I broke out early,Bill will never fall。”Koland is still a bit decadent and blames himself。 “All right,Don’t say so much!”I ask you all to kill Hamlin,Here are some treasures after killing Hamlin,Naturally, our Harwood family won’t ask for it。The black […]

more importantly,What is Nan Muro’s just said??

Not the identity of yellow word! Combined this Murong Gong’s temperament,Cao Zhengzhen also heard the sound of strings。 Therefore, Cao Zhengqi has no sword.,Instead, and the sound of the words and Murong Jiuhan。 Murong Jiu saw the atmosphere,Alias:“Zhao ignorant,This matter is not only draging、Forced Fuyang,And there are more people who want to be enemy.!I didn’t […]

Everyone was amused,Several old people laughed out of breath。Even Wang Degui smiled twice。

More and more old people come to chat,No place to sit,Some people stood down along the corner。Anyway, everyone is very happy。 With a few deafening firecrackers,The prelude to the New Year’s Eve has kicked off。Old people can’t sit still,So Lu Xu went home。 Xia Jian at this time,I’m busy helping my old lady make New […]

Looking at the excited three people,Chen Geng smiled slightly,Threw out his own assassin:“Oh,correct,Considering such a huge capacity nationwide,I hope you can delineate an area、Provide corresponding supporting measures and preferential policies to build an automobile industrial park,I will take advantage of my being in America、Relations and connections in Europe,Invitation to include PhD、Denso、Auto industry supporting manufacturers including mainland and other top auto parts giants settled in this industrial park……”

“……” An instant,Jia Yumin、The bosses of Li Changzheng and Secretary Jiang’s eyes are staring:what?And build an automobile industry park?!God,What a good day is today,How come we run into all the good things? Li Changzheng、The reactions of Jia Yumin and Secretary Jiang were caught by Chen Geng.,He smiled and said:“Relying on China’s huge labor cost advantage,Auto […]

Under the joint hands of the two sages,Another sneak attack plus pincer attack,He is already very tough to survive,Impossible without paying any price。

Tu Ching’s retreat,Fan Zhu and Hong Tairan fly and pursue at the same time,Obviously to take advantage of his illness,Kill him。 And this chase,The combination of the two cannot be more obvious。 At this moment,There was no time for the audience to make an uproar。 Two Venerable Secret Medicines joined forces to kill another Venerable,Where […]

Thought of here,He nodded:“Well……Also makes sense,Then hold a press conference,Just say that we understand the difficulties of the company,Willing to actively modify the previous conditions,Reduce hourly wage requirements to increase50%,Comprehensive benefits increase30%,Hope to start negotiations with management as soon as possible。”

“Boss wise!” next moment,Flattering。 https: Please remember the domain name of this book:.。Mobile version read URL:m. ———— First519chapter Go to Mexico Also until this time,The media、Including the enthusiastic people who eat melons, they suddenly reacted:Yes indeed,This matter is already so big,can be used asAMCThe boss,How did Fernandez from the beginning·Chen didn’t show up much?What is […]

The strange light flashes in the eyes of the person on the left,Use spiritual power to transform the sky arrow,Shoot at Lu Menglin。

What he is best at is to capture the psychological weakness of others,So as to turn out the most feared thing,Before this person became a mutant,Is a psychology professor,Can see the weaknesses of many people in the details。 But this way,He didn’t see Lu Menglin’s psychological weakness,Because the other person is always so peaceful,And there […]

“My current assets are for you,Definitely nothing,But I have some industries that no one else has,Great prospects for future development!”

Li Qiankun’s eyes are unusually deep:“I will let Annie and Yanni follow you,Have my shelter,This matter will not be criticized!” “Annie and Yanni are both living people,Not something,I think you are not qualified to arrange their future even though you are a father。” I checked the time:“Now give you two choices,One option is to leave […]


———— First670chapter for safety For my boss intends to cooperate with Philips Group to develop a new generationECU、TCUAnd the idea of a body bus system,Jack·Welch has no opinion,althoughAMCIndependent research and developmentECU、TCUAnd plans for body bus technology have been pushing for some time,But if you just talk about the level of machinery,AMCReally not afraid of anyone,Can […]

Yuntianhua (600096): Company operation promotes continuous optimization and improvement

Yuntianhua (600096): Company operation promotes continuous optimization and improvement The company is a chronic phosphorous chemical giant with a leading industry in terms of production capacity, and its heavy burden of three fees in history has eroded its profits. With the improvement of the industry structure and the advantages of the company’s industrial chain, the […]