“Fortunately, I am enough,I have long been going to this day.……”

Liao Wenjie wipes the sweat on the brain,Precisely,This hand is【Six days, Yinxiao】Coming,I really want to say,That is also the first one of the great emperors for him.。 In order not to do boss,The first world is also fighting。 Northern six-day palace,The seventy-five drivers of the Nether Nether,Flicker,There is a judge,There are four sings of joys,Six […]

“Here is naturally formed,I was like you when I saw here,I’m in awe of here,But I also realized the realm of Rongfeng here!”

Bai Ai frowned and looked at Qin Kai,Some doubts in the eyes。 “What is Rongfeng?” “Simply put, it means to make yourself a part of your style,Not waiting for each other!” “Isn’t that the wind??” Qin Kai shook his head and said:“I told you before,Huafeng is just an introduction,And you say it yourself,Is it easy […]

The look of this grandson,Really funny。Make Ali smile secretly covering her mouth。In order to give Luo a step down, Xia Jian,He hurriedly smiled and said:“Really mean,Came back a bit late,Make everyone hungry,Sit down and eat!”

Xia Jian moved his hand as he spoke。He moved the vinegar to Grandma Luo first,Unexpectedly, Grandma Luo said immediately:“I feel sour if I’m not jealous” “what!What’s going on grandma?Do you have an upset stomach?”Xia Jian quickly asked。 Grandma Luo glanced obliquely at Luo Yi said:“Someone ate the vinegar all morning,I was almost killed,Can you say […]

This is a messenger from Yuchen City, one of the eight holy cities,An indifferent female Taoist also slightly arched her hands。

Baiye Daojun is born proud and domineering,Naturally look down on Yuanyu Daojun。but,Behind today’s Yuanyu Daoist is that pinnacle Daoist,She didn’t dare to underestimate。 The messenger from Yuchen Holy City came the fastest,The reason is because Yuchen City is the closest to Tianqiongzong。 The relationship between Yuchen City and Tianqiongzong,Somewhat similar to Chisang Temple to Thousand […]

Tantai Diabolo watched Zhao Feng approach step by step“correct”,A knowing smile appeared on his face again,Immediately draw out a hollow bamboo arrow,With right index finger、Thumb twist,Arrow head towards the foot of the mountain。

“force,Can be superimposed。”Tantai Diabolo said,Then in Zhao Feng’s surprised eyes,Shoot out the bamboo arrow at your fingertips,The arrow rushes straight out,speed、Strength is not superior,But the trajectory is straight,And until the bamboo arrow disappears in the dark,No wobble、Signs of falling。 This was shot without a bow at all,Zhao Feng hurriedly recalled the details he just saw,And […]

So-called safety monitoring,It is through some rapid testing methods to confirm that there are no deadly toxins on this letter、Germs or other things that pose a serious threat to human health,Not only the top dignitaries of various countries will use this detection method,It’s even the standard equipment for those wealthy billionaires,Chen Geng is no exception……In case someone is poisoned to death inexplicably,How wrong I have died?

Fast detection,Chen Geng’s security team has experts from the CIA and the FBI,quickly,This letter was sent to Chen Geng,Statham was obviously relieved:“Safety,boss,It seems that the person who sent you the letter did not have much malice。” Isn’t there not much malice?,This letter is not even sealed。 The letter is short,Not even half a page,Chen Geng […]

Liu Guofeng suddenly remembered an ancient poem he learned in middle school for no reason,“Boundless Falling Down,Endless Yangtze River billowing”。

Suddenly,Those fallen fruits all turned into poisonous snakes,Then a bone rushed to Liu Guofeng,Where is the endless Yangtze River,It’s just endless swarms of snakes rolling in! Liu Guofeng was so scared,Just run。 If one or two,Ten,A hundred,Maybe he is still interested in fighting,But there are more than a hundred poisonous snakes falling in front of […]

Although the first possible probability is not low,But there is a premise that the three companies must first negotiate,Decide to go forward and retreat in unison,But according to my own understanding,There is no blood relationship between the bosses of these three companies,2. There is no interest,It’s almost the same if there is conflict of interest,Can agree on this matter?Possibility is too low;

Second point,Seems to make sense,But Fernandez has only entered this industry.2Months,How could someone in a situation where they could not hear the wind,Open up the relationship between three scrapped car dismantling companies at once?Not very reliable; Count to count,Only the third one is the most likely,Don’t say that the non-my race must have different hearts,Just […]