Canada Mandong Zhang Xueyong Immigration Co., Ltd. is committed to China and Cultural Communication and the development of Manchesterian community

The company also actively planned and organized the only Sino-Califier 50 celebration in the Canadian industry. Invited Mr. Congwu, Canada, Mr. Congwu, Canada, Ms. Canada, the predecessor of Canada and the predecessor provincial governor, Canada level 3 Members and officials, Manda City, schools and business leaders, and China’s Overseas Chinese Federation, Hebei Provincial Overseas Chinese […]

Country revitalization to see Guangdong | Guangzhou Baiyun District launched "Yunhua City" sales exceeded 192 million yuan

  In response to the national epidemic prevention and control requirements, Multi-city in Guangdong clearly announced the cancellation of the spring flower market in 2021. In order to reduce the loss of flower farmers, recently, under the guidance of the Agricultural Rural Rural Department of Guangdong Province, relying on the village revitalization of cultural service industrial […]

2021 Global Industrial Internet Conference opens in Shenyang, Liaoning

On October 18, the 2021 Global Industrial Internet Conference in Shenyang, Liaoning, based on "Employing High Quality and Creating New Dynamics".The opening ceremony released a number of outcome reports such as industrial Internet innovation development, future industrial academic output trends, announced the "Industrial Internet + Lean Production" "Industrial Internet + Artificial Intelligence" professional winners and […]

Binnenkomen van de scroll

ChinasYangHongqiongcompetesinthewomenslongdistancesittingcross-countryskiingeventonSundayattheNationalBiathlonCentreinZhangjiakou. [WEIXIAOHAO / Chinadaily] Gold-medalwinnerYangHongqiongrevelsinthepowerofsportsYangHongqiong, Chinasparacross-countryskierwhoclinchedthewomenslongdistancesittinggoldattheBeijing2022WinterParalympics ,,, closelyfollowedbyAmericanstarOksanaMasters. "BeforeIstartedtakingpartindifferentsports ,," saidYang, addingthatsportshavestrengthenedherwill. "" Beforeswitchingtosnowsports, Yang, whohailsfromSouthwestChinasYunnanprovince, wasawheelchairbasketballathlete. "Wij, alltheeffortIputintotraining, thatswhatputthegoldmedalinmyhands." Masters , whohasbaggedeightgoldmedalsinsprint, middleandlongdistancesittingeventsattheworldchampionshipssince2017, overtookYangseveraltimesduringSundaysrace, presentingYangwithhertoughestmoments. "Itoldm," shesaid. "ook ,, themoreIskied, themorepowerfulIfelt." Masters, 32, saidthat, althoughshedidntknowYangbeforetheWinterParalympics, shebelievesYangswinwillelevatethespor Tinchina. "ThatThehientBoutchina, thathey,", Zhengpengwonchinasfirstcross-CountryskiingMedAlinParalympiChatiseryWithVictoryinthemen, TeamchinahasClinchedFourGoldMedalsatthenationalBiathloncentResofar, SdownTothecountrysstrongsupportAndySystematrysTroaches. "WejustFollowheCoaches".

De vierde vergadering van het 6e onderwijscomité van de Chinese Academie voor Engineering werd gehouden in Beijing

Bron: Second Bureau Education Office Gepubliceerd: 2022-03-02 [FONT] 24 februari 2022, de vierde vergadering van het Comité van 6e onderwijs werd gehouden in de Chinese Academie voor Engineering. Dean van de academie voor engineering, directeur van het onderwijscomité, directeur van het onderwijscomité, voorgezeten over de vergadering. Li Xiaohong, decaan van de academie voor engineering, en […]

The central government gives the Macau giant panda signature candidate to be happy with the highest

Xinhua News Agency Macau September 10, 2010 (Reporter Xu Chao) Macau SAR Government Office officially announced the results of the Central Gifts to give Macau giant pandas, the number of people’s most votes, will become this pair Macau giant panda name. According to the Department of Civil Affairs, the signed event finally confirmed that it […]

China Economisch netwerk en andere media ondertekenden gezamenlijk de zelfdiscipline van Internet Audiovisuele Services (Informatie)

[] [] [] Internet Audio-Visual Program Service Self-Discipline Convention om de ontwikkeling op de lange termijn te bevorderen van de Internet Audiovisual Program Service-industrie, cre?ren een gezonde en ordelijke internetaudio-visuele programma-servicemilieu, waarborgt de nationale belangen en het publiek Belangen, de partijen bij het verdrag zijn de conventie van zelfdiscipline: eerst moet elke aannemer volledig erkennen: […]

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology guides 8 network disk companies to launch a different rate product

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology guides the first batch of network disk companies to launch "network disk speed" products "network disk speed", which has a solution to the use of network disk services, transmission rate and publicity speed are serious; network disk upload download data is limited, do not buy members can’t Advance […]

Quanzhou, Fujian, Quan Hong Kong: "Home Room with" Let the people live with "home"

Original title: Quanzhou, Fujian Province, Quan Hong Kong: "Home Match" Let the people live in the "home" home to resist on September 14, in order to solve the life inconvenience caused by the influence of the epidemic, Quanzhou Quanang District, Fujian Province officially launched "HomeWith "service, the main business supermarkets in the jurisdiction, launch seven […]

The first new sequence national engineering research center list announced

The first batch of new sequence national engineering research centers announced that the two scientific research units in our province have recently, the National Development and Reform Commission announced the first list of national engineering research centers in the new national sequence management, the film of the Dalian Chemical Physics Research Institute of the Chinese […]