As soon as these people heard,Sigh,Some are even more flustered,Seems to have had a terrible experience。

What kind of dragons is a dragon?,This made Zhu Minglang rather interested,Even some special hunting monsters、The hunters of the dragon and beast talk about the discoloration of the tiger,How horrible is the lost dragon? “When I went out just now,Just listen to the two brothers and sisters of the Hu family arguing about this。”Fang Niannian […]

Suddenly I want to laugh while swimming,Want to laugh,A blessing in disguise,It’s really a blessing in disguise!!

Suddenly disappeared after crossing the cloud and thunder,I thought I was taking the auspicious aura here and was not tolerated by heaven,But did not expect,I met such a big baby when I turned my head!! You He doesn’t know why such a person with innate Taoism is here,I didn’t notice it before,I don’t know why […]

When I left this day,Parents sent them to the car at the entrance of the village。It’s the first time that Wang Degui sent his son in the car。Wang Youcai knows,He is dazzled by Yao Chunni。

At the moment he was about to start the car,Chen Yueqin ran to the car window,Said loudly at Wang Youcai:“Go back and discuss it,I can’t get married after the Spring Festival” “Good mom!We try to hurry”Wang Youcai said,He started his broken jeep,Screaming towards Chaoping City。 Along the way,Wang Youcai is very careful。Although the snow on […]

Li Tianchou smiled,“Isn’t it normal??I didn’t even think about catching him。”

Yuan Hua was so angry,I’m already hungry now,But just think about it,“Don’t you fucking think,I was hungry for a long time,To be drunk by you,Now let the people go without saying a word,what the hell do you want?” “I didn’t think about it,I fuck mine,You can’t bear to walk away。I didn’t force you to follow […]

“I know what you mean,Do you want to discuss with Mayor Qin before making a decision。But according to what I heard,Whether Qin Xiaomin will come to Pingdu is an unknown number。It is said that her mother is very sick,To take care of her mother,She is very likely to be transferred to the provincial capital to work”Secretary Wang said to Xia Jian with a serious face。

Xia Jian took a breath,He suddenly said to Secretary Wang:“I want to go to the provincial capital,Find Qin Xiaomin。Because of the introduction of new varieties from abroad,This is not a trivial matter,Because there are many procedures involved” “Don’t worry!Here are me and Tong Jie”Secretary Wang said readily。 ? ———— First1526chapter Get cheap and sell well […]

See things almost,Xiao Fan also said:“It’s okay now,I won’t stay much,Goodbye!”

After speaking, he walked out the door。 Seeing Xiao Fan had already walked out,Xia Qing still stared at the doorway。 Xia’s mother also took her own daughter,Asked teasingly:“This kid looks pretty good。” Xia Qing nodded,Said:“Ok,Really good!” “Since it’s good,You just take the initiative,Try to catch him,I think this man is very good to be my […]

“Ok……Buy a bag with me later?Ok,correct,I ran out of makeup,Can you give me a set?”Li Xiang mentioned directly,A Bao said disapprovingly:“What do i do!Trivial,no problem!”

———— Chapter One Hundred Sixty Three Inside and outside after an hour,Abao just discovered,He was wrong。 The bag he thought,Is based on the fucking price,He guessed it was better,More than ten times the price,Should be alright? That’s three to four hundred yuan! but……Li Xiang’s bag,Directly broke Abao’s imagination。 Cosmetics too。 Abao can only hope that […]

Zong Xueqin sneered,How could this simple measurement fool her?

“rest assured,I won’t kill you,Because I want you to watch Xia Chenglong come back,Then kneeling in front of me begging for mercy,But you still have some abilities,I’m not at ease just letting you stay。” After the woman finished speaking,The scary red energy went towards the old man’s body,Two forces collide at this moment,Then there is […]

“Speaking of which,Old Ding,What is going on in Hongdu Factory??”Chen Geng was not polite to Ding Haijun,Ask directly:“How come the Hongdu factory still has opinions on our cooperation with the Soviet Union to develop a new generation of trainers?”

“Hi!” Speaking of this,The smile on Ding Haijun’s face suddenly disappeared:“This is actually a coincidence,Hongdu Factory is also working on a jet trainer project,This is not,After I heard that you are going to cooperate with Lao Maozi on a jet trainer project,I can’t sit still at Hongdu Factory。” Of course Chen Geng knows the jet […]